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Dili dili campaign love the dili dili campaign can't believe i'm saying that even love the dodge ads boy now my in trouble we'll play two of them for you impart will first do the one that i liked lf let's do the dodge ram truck ed funny in super bowl this is what i just thought the the visuals on this were fantastic it's a bunch of vikings singing we will rock hugh and they are coming to the super bowl because the vikings of course thought that they were going to be playing in the super bowl so now you've got these nordic big men with horns in skins and taj ram truck singing this song and they're towing there are ship and then they show it out on the shores and then it gets to minneapolis when lo and behold now they discovered that the vikings did not make the super bowl than they look down on their sirius satellite it says guess what your team isn't in it hit the brakes learn around rather heading bam 1500 i went out and bought a ram truck last night i was so impressed with that ad than they did the add to while i thought that one of the funniest ads they also had the add that has now been deemed the most controversial of the super bowl were they took martin luther king speech and with visions of a child being born at people doing charitable work and folks doing physical labor and people praying ari images of middle america khanna were dodge ram truck country they played part of a martin luther king's speech wonderful fiji water be avaaz the greatest among eu sharpen your soon the new government crazy great all right generated by love martin luther king jr family approved of.

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