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Forty eight in grand prairie westbound twenty four three sixty left lane blocked by an accident. So you from before the Bush turnpike also looking at a moderate to heavy traffic on the Bush turnpike as you make your way from grand Perry through Irving and in farmers branch, eastbound six three five before Luna. It's an accident on the shoulder attracting some attention. Juliet Rogers with a look at delays long twenty in Fort Worth. Now things are improving so this twenty accident eastbound just past the east loop between their involvement springs looks like we've squared away to the right shoulder. So it'll be slow, but it'll be better from four till drive. That's where you see. Most of your breaking traffic speeds are speeds are improving as we speak and thirty five W north golden triangle this Fender bender on the right shoulder. Again, just a situation works in a tension. And so now, we've got traffic from about the two eighty seven Decatur cutoff. One Twenty-one south grapevine compelled to grapevine is going to be a little bit of a trip for you right now from didn't tap on the Sam Rayburn tollway. The southbound trip is taking close to fifteen minutes to get down to the one fourteen exit. And that's where you're blocked off with that construction. So grapevine mills that's still not a good idea. If you're trying to get south that's going to back up because of the same problem, so freeport Parkway lakeside. Parkway's the way to go looking at the drive along the twentieth. Randy fuller a federal vendor possible. Enter eastbound twenty northbound six thirty five LBJ slowing things down and pass that it's about a forty six minute travel time to Preston along. Westbound six thirty five LBJ northbound Forty-five Lamar to thirty then seventy five lovers. It's looking pretty slow there. And then westbound one seventy five railroad right lane construction backup goes to second avenue down to lake. Tune southbound on the Dallas north tollway so far nothing unusual. We are seeing some slowing southbound Frisco and then again watch for some slowing from the Bush turnpike heading down through Addison and six thirty five. And then again as you approach to thirty-five emerged just north of downtown Dallas. I'm Joyce Nielsen. Your next report. Today, fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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