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Desk right now. Furnished by Granger, which supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you. Call click ranger dot com or just stop by. Had a great time hanging with this guy for several hours on the NFL game day morning Super Bowl set on Sunday in Arizona. He nailed the final score. He nailed the winner. He nailed the MVP right down to the dot, he nailed it, stuck the landing, CBS morning's co host, and the NFL today, analyst, as well as an NFL network guy from back in the day on good morning football. One of my favorites and one of yours. Nate burleson back here on the rich eisen show. How are you doing, Nick? I'm good. How you doing? I'm good. I want to ask you about the Super Bowl first, but tell me, tell me your pick 6 numbers. If you don't mind. You got those. I don't want to give everybody else a clue to what's coming. So I'll just shoot you a text. Yeah, yeah. And throw the Powerball in just in case I want to do that one too. I got you, my brother. I got you. My gosh. Nate? And the funny thing is, is that you gave Patrick Mahomes the MVP and we were going to do that a segment later in the commercial break, you're like, yeah, I gave you the MVP too early. I'm like, I don't worry about it. You nailed it all. My goodness. Yeah. I remember you looking at it, like, oh, I don't worry about it. We'll get to that segment in just a bit. But I felt compelled in that moment. It's funny because people kept asking me, or they keep asking me, you know, how did that come up with this formula? Did I pull it out of my, you know what? Or was it something I actually thought about? And it is something I thought about. You know, I was convinced that there would be some creative play caller. You know, I called for four plus trick plays. Didn't necessarily get that, but I just knew that Andy Reid was going to try to do whatever he can to help alleviate some of the pressure from Patrick Mahomes in that offense. And with the receivers being banged up, that just made sense. So it becomes a Patrick Mahomes. Think about offensively, okay? Right. Unless there's a wide receiver running back that has just an explosion, it's most likely going to go through the quarterback. And I know that there's a couple of defenders that could possibly get that award in that game. But for me, the QB is usually the favorite. Now, when it comes to the score, I don't want to give away all of the ways that I break down the scores per week because let's just call it what it is. On a weekly basis, I'm not going to give you that 100% of the time. But it's simple. It's not going to be a low scoring game. So I'm going to eliminate anything from 7 to ten. And then from ten to 20, I do believe that these teams are more explosive than that. Now we're talking 20 to 30. That's usually the sweet spot. Everybody's like, oh, 24 to 21, 28 to 24. That was mine. 20, 24 is mine, yeah. And then from there, I have to figure out if this is going to be a 50 point game by either one of the squads, no 40 point game. That's going to be tough to do with these defenses. Now we have to land in the range that I thought it was going to be 38 35, excluding PAT field goals and maybe even some safeties. I had to figure out the exact sweet spot and that's what I landed on. So it's more to just be saying, oh, this is a random score. I'm thinking about. And that's why I landed. And I'm sure Nate, we share this in common, which is not only trying to be accurate and entertaining in your on air style as well as information dispensing. But maybe most importantly you want to be right. So at what point in the game did you realize the score was materializing in such a way that you could be exactly right Nate at what point of Super Bowl 57 to that dawn upon you? On Sunday. The entire time, I thought that one of your predictions was going to come through. And that is that this is going to be the first double overtime game all I could think about. I just kept thinking about it. I was like, no, we're just going to be right. Back and forth back and forth like a tennis match. And boom. Yeah. Right before that flag on Bradbury, holding juju, that's when I thought, oh, this is going to be my score. But up until that point, I thought that you were right, man. I thought we were headed for an epic overtime Super Bowl here. Now that's in bringing up the Bradbury hold. There's lots to talk about that. Nate barrels in here on the rich eisen show. Let's talk about the James Bradbury hold. Nate, did you like the call? Did you think it should have been called? Not called what's your two cents on that subject matter? It's a hold. It was the right call. And I don't like to call. Now, both things can be true. I would say you have to call that because in that moment, if I'm a receiver, I'm trying to get open and there's a clear graph. This wasn't tic tac. This is a clear grab of the Jersey. And we know ten times out of ten, you see that Jersey pool, you're going to get that flag thrown. Now, the reason I don't like it is because having a flag like that and then the last second field go great for the Kansas City Chiefs and all the fans. Yes, of course. But it's almost like an NBA Finals. Ending on a free throw. And I think that's why it lets people uneasy. Because it's like, all right, man, we could have just watched this going to overtime or at

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