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Thank very risky fashion the cubs are a particularly leverage team and running with a bunch of leverage in the past has not been as risky acting as as one would think because business in baseball has been good but when something like this happens that's where the race comes into play and and listen to customers to buy up real estate around the the Wrigleyville area if they have to do it they chose to do it they chose to do it in search of profits and it's an understandable move business wise but I'm just not gonna sit here and feel sorry for billionaires I'm sorry I'm not I don't think anyone is I think if you look at it but if you look at the public perspective listening because I hate billionaires I don't I respect somebody's ability to go out and make money but but the idea that the owner of a franchise is is vitally important to the well being of that franchise I don't think that's true I'm sorry if a club whether it is the Chicago Cubs the New York Yankees the Miami Marlins the New York Mets the Texas Rangers whoever it may be if a club goes into bankruptcy you know what's going to happen happen someone else is gonna buy it and that person is going to be really rich too and they're gonna get back on their feet and they're gonna run the club as best they can remember blouse endless Dodgers went into bankruptcy a couple years ago one of the marquee franchises in all of baseball and and how did they end up getting out of it for the significant betterment of the franchise and of its success regular garbage out of there and and to have the owners that they do and mark Walter in company right now they will get better yeah yeah and in so let's let's not allow ourselves to get caught up in this idea of of feeling sorry for these poor franchises that have seen their franchise values grow exponentially over the last couple of decades they could happen if they wanted and I'm talking all thirty of them they could have pocketed these profits and put them away in an emergency fund but instead there are some who chose to reinvest them and leverage themselves because of that and they're the ones who are in a bad situation right now so do you were talking to Jeff Passan for me has been do you believe when buster was on SportsCenter says the cubs more than most our cash strong maybe because of the real estate the billion dollars to renovate the ballpark starting a new TV at whatever the reasons are that it could be at nine AM on the discs at the stock market the bell rings were back bones start trading guys away just get whatever you can get the money out here it's possible I I've spoken with with a couple of executives who don't think something like that can happen because in order to great guys you need to have organizations that are willing to take on these large salaries how many teams are going to be in a in a cash rich situation where they can't take that Valerie flight that they're not going to be a lot of people who are looking to add yes and and money going out the door at this point so I just don't know that the market's going to be robust enough to have it make sense you're not I'm sorry but you're not giving away Kris Bryant that would be like an abdication of ownership you need to try and win baseball games right there it you would you would lose fans you would lose so many more fans if you just started dumping guy get rid of salaries and and that's not the way that the Chicago Cubs or anything frankly should operate okay so do you think if you could give truth serum to Mookie Betts Kris Bryant and regardless of his press conference this spring training I stick to my reporting he was offered a massive extension it wasn't in line with what Scott Boras wanted so they didn't sign it and that's fine that's their right do you think that if you gave all those types of guys who all turned on extensions truth serum they go yeah I should have taken it and we may never get that money back yeah but it did you can only operate under what you or what you're dealing with at the time I'm sorry Mike is as prescient as people want it to stay they warn about this I don't think anybody until Rudy go bear came down the coronavirus recognized that this was going to have a staggering impact on our society and and that this was going to be something that was gonna last for months and years to come I think we got there would like to wake up on that for America and that I remember you know the time I think it's like rain may have been a week they have been two weeks before that happened I wrote a column about why Christian Yelich taking the deal he did with the brewers was problematic and and emblematic as well of things going on in the sport at the time I got Christian Yelich is deal with bad deal right now Christian elders feel looks awfully gas and right now Gerrit Cole deal whole hell I mean Gerrit Cole deal has a chance and and that for pictures at least let's remember going into that the largest deal for a pitcher was two hundred seventy nine dollars David price Gerrit Cole I got fifty percent more than that three hundred twenty four million dollars I I I don't even know how long it might be decades before we see a picture get as much as Gerrit Cole did there and and Mike trout we have four hundred twenty six million dollars I again looking back had a chance to get three hundred maybe if he had an MVP type season four hundred I have no idea what Mookie Betts is created it's gonna look like this office now and it'll be fascinating for me to see what he gets but I can tell you this is not gonna be what what of it not even close not even close our last one I read your R. I read everything you write I will I follow you on Twitter obviously I watch on TV you said and I'm paraphrasing here that there's gonna be a lot of posturing on both sides it's gonna look like we're not going to get a deal done and then at the eleventh hour the smoke's gonna clear the fog to go to left as you said and they will get a deal done do you still believe that this morning yeah I absolutely believe that justice it makes too much sense to get a deal done when the alternative is dire for all parties involved as that is we want another nineteen ninety four because that's what this is this is nineteen ninety four except worse if they don't play they lost the World Series that year they would lose an entire fan base if they don't play this season because of money now if they don't play because concerns about health I get that and I think a lot of people across the country would understand that as well but I I have a difficult time seeing it coming down to that if they don't play because local governmental officials decided to grandstand and say that this is not going to happen that's a possibility and by the way what what JB Pritzker said yesterday was was so catastrophically ignorant thank you in in in in balancing honestly and and it's happened multiple times now you know Andrew Cuomo didn't quite go that far but but for a sitting governor in a state where unions are as vital institution as they are in in the city of Chicago and all of the smaller towns throughout Illinois sit there and say something like that and it just showed a complete lack of grasp of the subject that yeah I don't know better about if you want to speak out yeah and my yeah I is I let you go I said to the boys here he should have said when he is quote was I must say I'm disappointed in many ways the players are you know holding out for you know these very very high salaries and payments during a time when I think everybody sacrificing I felt he should have said look I love baseball we've got cardinal fans in the south we got brewer fans at the top of our state we got cubs and Sox fans everywhere I don't know the details I just hope both sides will come together get a deal done that's how you answer the question yep that is the correct answer to the question I do I do also find it amusing that you talk about how players don't want to get their salaries cut thirty two games a season capped players are getting half of what their salaries are supposed to be I haven't seen a single front office yet where and I'm not listen I'm not blaming proper specials at all for this year you know hi as as little as you can from people's paychecks right yeah I haven't seen a single problem special yet say I'm gonna take a fifty percent pay cut and maybe there are some of them not publicizing it like I could I could totally see if they are clean generator company like that obviously but my point is the players are already taking a larger hair cut than anybody in the sport so spare me your players aren't negotiating here are aren't compromising here and and please get the facts first Hey man have a great day and keep up the great work because you're awesome after the Best Picture possible that's our guy Jeff Passan E. S. P. N. time out more of your calls straight ahead this is capping company on ESPN one Chicago's home for sports Carmen and.

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