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Our best guy coverage spring game post game show. Thanks to Bill. Carleen Eric resear- for hanging out with me. We'll be wrapping up air here. Just reading on Twitter that tape Martell spring game didn't go. Well, I guess this is Miami quarterback Tate mortels being boot for his performance during the spring game. A little extreme ever you'd like southern hospitality. But that's what's so much fun about Twitter eighteen Niamey fans on hand for spring game. Yeah. Yeah. I I hope boy. I hope that's not true. I mean, you know, say what you want about t I that would be a little harsh. Game performance. Although our very first question today was feeling Justin field is wildly inaccurate. And he may be, but I I don't know that you can judge a lot from from today. But bottom line Bill what I don't know Ryan day wanted to accomplish over fifteen days and fifteen practices and what he got today. What what do you think he probably feels best about at this stage? And as he gets ready for the long off season here. And then of course, getting ready together for fall camp. He's very confident is is athletes. You know, he's very very confident. He has athletes compla- the game. You know, there's talent is here. And he's got the potential to develop this team into something special. Dislike all coaches want to feel and you know, what if you got some new faces on off. Office of side. Okay. It's better. Tell him is a coach is better to have the majority of best players back on defense because they can keep in in the football game. And then special teams, and you can take good talent. If they grow the way think they can you very happy as a coach Sam on Twitter, we mentioned this earlier, but very impressed with what I saw from Garrett Wilson, a true freshman that will certainly make an impact Zach Harrison will make an impact on defense, those are two of the younger early enroll, these what do you think? I mean, I certainly believe that girl Wilson for sure is going to be an impact player on offense. Absolutely. I think under urban Meyer. And now under Ryan day, they've done a great job of recruiting to their needs. And that's what we're seeing. Now guys that come in early play. Yeah. Zach Harrison, by the way. The the black stripe thing Eric Friday. He got his black stripe taking off on Friday tough. Just because of on the defensive side is a lineman. They're not pending their ears back in. They're not going there. Just keep containing get to your sinement beat the guy off the ball. But Zac Harrison just the look of the guy looked like he belonged out there with the big uglies. Yeah. And which is important for a guy who's a freshman. Well, his athleticism. Zach Harrison's is ridiculous. I mean, this is a guy that ran track and was at what is he six six or six. He's I mean, just that alone jumps off the page at you. When you look at a kid like that. And you know, before you give him the strength program you before Mickey Mouse, really, you know, it gets his hands on and we should mention that too. I mean, you know, we heard K J hill talking about all the extra work that they're going to do on their own but also making Muratti summer conditioning when that comes up how important are those months that he has with those guys? Absolutely. We're recruit guys say the Tamaam say now remember come Christmas when you buy your son shirts get to next is last year. Well, I love that. They put off on social meal out of times, they'll put before and after pictures like when a guy gets there, and what they look like Bill they come in. They're they're highly skill high school athletes, not like their fat cheap kids. They're in shape, but there's just something different about when a strength and conditioning coach like making Rodriguez hold nutrition. But those two.

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