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Let's go to the WCBS weather center chief meteorologist Craig Allen. Is here. We've got just you know, your typical easygoing weather for a while. It is easy today. As a matter of fact, it's nice because what will happen is the clouds that we have this morning. We'll give way to some sunshine. Edited gets fairly mild fifty five to sixty degrees. That is about ten above average for today. Although the coast won't be able to enjoy that the wind off the very chilly Atlantic at this time of year. We'll key parts of the jersey shore, Long Island and Connecticut coast cooler tonight, mostly cloudy with a chance of a shower late at night forty five to fifty now tomorrow is an exceptionally mild getting into the low and middle sixties. However, they will be a few showers around possibly thunderstorm and then cooling down as we get on into the upcoming weekend. So the showers in the possible thunderstorm are the effects that we get tomorrow from this major storm that's going through the north central plains right now and all the way down to the Gulf. Coast forty-three for us humidity fifty seven percent of south winded. Eight hand today's I fifty five to sixty seven here. Now is the story of a lucky little lamb it wandered onto the expressway. Yesterday morning in sunset park. NYPD highway cop dominant Gado pulled over and made the rescue not that it was easy. I didn't realize how fast. Right around me just kept on running. He took the little black lamb to an animal center on Staten Island. We're staffers say they're calling it petunia because in their words, she's as pretty as a flower. They say the animal was not tag. So it probably didn't get away from a slaughterhouse. And it's going to go live at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, where it will eat Ivy. Right. I think I couldn't come up with a little lamb Z DIVY. The rest of it goes up my dad, it's five eleven sponsored by first Republic Bank. Ceo radio. I'm Ray Hoffman ten years ago. Nathan Laco was an architecture major at Virginia Tech with just a little entrepreneurial idea that is until he heard for the first.

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