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Sincerely T. A. most on the collection called tower of song the songs of Leonard Cohen whole mix of people from Willie Nelson to Suzanne Vega Bondo to Billy Joel all try Leonard Cohen's famous blue raincoat and others on for size. Paul Cavalcanti with you the song book on W. NYC and here is Sarah Vaughan the intimate them cheery take on a great fats Waller to. no one to tell. no one. be on the show in this day and all. well you. I'm through with. and misbehavior. you know because. don't go No Way. we don't stay out. can a goal. and miss may. yeah. yeah. you. and miss. thank you. and his name. Hey. that. things. of planning. as one of my support team all. Schemel. you'll. have been. and the. the whole thing show. Gee I'd love to see. Lil swear. right outside the door yeah we look at. right. what are. is that low key they. don way. and the thing. come and. I can dish out and then. but. the only thing I. I am very. junk might remain on why game. your short term. all those final Arabian things your little heart and small. yeah. I'm the same way. well one man got no business. you can go to go well allow wow well. you know. I. not give up on. fats Waller..

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