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Love the global awareness we've created and we all some sex scandal and made it a movement as opposed to just kind of going away the the harvey thing it just really changed not only our industry but all industries when we launched we be united with farm workers restaurant workers domestic workers hotel workers fast food workers. I mean the women everywhere encounter sexual harassment at a crazy <hes> percentage and so i think the global awareness <hes> to talk about it first yes and then to make sure shifting moment. The gender pay gap has to be the biggest thing right now right. It's so big thing. I mean for for us in europe because you know <hes> in in california we're in new york and new york is much less progressive state than california right so for all of us. I think in new york we were proudest that cuomo has just adopted the the time's up safety agenda which extends statute of limitations on sexual assaults. That's it's great which is a really really small here so so we we really feel proud of what we've done till it's very good the go-to alexa from new york hi alexa. What's your question handy <hes>. If i love you i'm doing it. I love you to my questions for actually on <hes> hats to on. Have your kids or will they ever see your mortgage. Fan movies like boogie nights or are they like absolutely not you mom how not pedophilia oh god no no no no first of all the thing about kids. They're not interested in anything you do right so so happily it's never been it's never been an issue <music> but they do have limited interest in what you do. They wanna see you as a mom and i think that they do know that there are some movies that they want to stay away from because it's gonna make the male one you want to say and they're there. There are seventeen and twenty one so they can make a very conscious choice about it. Well it's game time. Internet internet is only five foot two inches tall which means she packs more talent per inch than most people but she also has to do things like this while directing you posted that photo i love it. Let's honor eva pint-size beers with around are shorter than either. It's easy. I'm going to show oh you a female celebrity. You will both gossip. They are shorter than eva. Ladies of this takes feel huge. It's just because the subjects are so tiny. Let's play okay okay. Kristen bell is she shorter than eba ladies. Yes shorter no no. She's not okay. Let's see what i do believe. He's waste eight. You agree julianne. She's five feet tall okay. She is is fighting cardi b. Is she shorter than she is a little taller ooh okay what about the queen of country dolly parton is she. Shorter and evil might be my height. I think she's she's the city of those platforms. She is shorter that he owns okay. What about courtney carshield. Is she shorter than eva she she seems told me and my the shortest i love it. How do you let's ruby. She is jada pinkett against smith okay. She is. She's five feet theory. Washington is now she's they're going to do. What natalie portman is she shorter. I think the aim <music> four she using in schaller julia julia louis dreyfus taller taller unused guzman directed this film and so any love scenes to to be jealous over air zone. I had to kiss his best friend in the bathtub but it seemed fine with hosting i know all right but he he wrote. This is an adaptation of a danish film the same name and we also produce this together so really yeah something. It's a beautiful story and don't there's a lot of twists and turns that i don't want to reveal any spoilers but you're wonderful at it and undaunted shell and michelle williams show williams is amazing and this young girl abby cohen who is not a dot in the bud. Let's go to christi..

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