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It's actually a very romantic movie if not as seen per se, but it's one of the people don't probably know about it's called crossing Delancey. Great movie. So sweet. And so lovely recommends that people watch it it's older it's got Amy Irving and Peter Rieger. Right. I think if you wanna really romantic movie to watch tonight, if we and they really enjoy it was hot for a little while they're crossing Delancey which great good call. Speaking of Frazier. David Hyde Pierce was also in that does he want a cult classic this crossing Delancey. Here's Tom in Connecticut. Been on on line five. Good morning. Tommy. Joanie top the morning there. Got to. All right. Goodbye. Goodbye girl, which was great, Marsha Mason, and Richard Dreyfuss. And Arthur, yes, thank you. I I did love author the first one is specially with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli that was the one. Yeah. And the great and the Christopher cross song. Very good. Bob is in Pennsylvania line three. Here's an obvious one. Good morning. Bobby morning. Hey, guys, Sambre Romeo and Juliet. Yeah. Yeah. You know, many Romeo and Juliet thank you, Bob. I think they've made I think I saw like sixty something Romeo and Juliet sixty something and talking about Leo in Titanic. He made one. That's right. He did very well. He did. Indeed. Look the play itself you go to a real remake of the play. I mean it still works. Universal time-tested. Yeah. Come on. You know, the autumn it loves to take your. I mean, come on. What else could you possibly due to tear Jerker said it's more than that. Like for me there are movies via kind of. Well. Yeah. I guess insititue. Right. That'd be there'll be hysterical. No. No. No, no. Well, that's not see it's more than that from me like tears of rage. When I watch Brian song. I watch it every year means it said that's a two. Okay. Very very very sad. Very it. Makes you cry right? Brian songs to make you cry when Billy Dee Williams says Jim contour gale sayers about Brian picolo. I want you to love Brian picolo worse. If you know God, you sit down and watch it. I don't know if I would not that's not a love story necessarily know. But it is that that is a tear Jerker. Yes. Terms of endearment, bigtime tear Jerker. Here's any in Monroe on line one. Good morning. Edward good morning. I have one and talk about a tear Jerker about officer and a gentleman that we did Bank. You what he carries Debra winger out yet? David Keith the actor played which Aguirre's body when they went to that school together the naval school. What what is that? Yeah. The officer school officer training school, right? So make a long story short. Do you know the the characters name David Keith name in the movie was what? I can't recall. Really? I mean, ended up hanging himself in the shower..

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