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Acre site. No one's pressed the buttons. You can't hear them. You won't be able to find them. WTO P news. It's 5 18. Traffic and weather together on the 8s bob imber in Allen's traffic center. Eastbound 66 approaching the Roosevelt bridge remains slow. They're been a couple of crashes on the bridge, both on the left side of the roadway. So be alert. Now I understand the fire department is heading in that direction. North VC two 95 slows the Pennsylvania usual spot there in the merge and southbound coming down past up burrows toward east capitol street, which is pretty typical for a Saturday afternoon. Meantime in Virginia, southbound traffic on 95 is still slow from about newington over the yaku Kwan. That crash that had been at the yaka Quan should be gone now. Certainly the delay is still there. And the car fire farther south near the rappahannock is out of the roadway. 66 west of the beltway doing all right, still closed his Georgetown pike about midway between walker road and old dominion drive at Lee mill road with utility work from an early morning accident. Route 7 both ways over the weekend at lewinsville road down to a single lane in each direction with a stretch of lewinsville closed in that same area again for some weekend work. Maryland beltway inner loop. That does slow through Bethesda and Silver Spring. Just volume delays though and again through college park passing route one, 95 is in pretty good shape now, the crash out of the roadway, southbound after one 75, still some volume delays, but Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound after one 75 crash has been along the left side. Periton during the camp be done for national security because our way of life depends on a visit parent dot com for more info, bob and we are traffic. Bob,

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