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It is also jazz musicians i have this like i was watching mk guys it's the wind but yet and that's the point is like some people have the their creative outlet is their physical person in time and space yet in it's an it's kind of you can i can just feel my botlikh my body like whenever i played never as practising if a coach told me what i did wrong with my shah who understood i could and i every time i can immediately change it with him just telling me attach your body yes something it's kinetic and so that happens when i'm not involved with like i'm just doing my thing but then you make it i don't know i don't want to fill myself i understand completely different war like if that's it for aaron like that zone what is your number your najrah priority built this real business you've been a sommelier at the high pressure cooker of thomas keller restaurants but if you took a your your data like info life whereas zone i think just in in the in the moment with other people i think this is still people business and that's why i get on the plane every week to go to a place to meet these people not so they can see that they knew me but more so i can say that i know them and i think no no one wants to do business with an asshole right like you like you generally want to like those people when people give you money you're investing you do different things because their heart charisma carniglia amount on the front lines been your offense in the able to delegate a laundry room and start talking to people right away with and that was always his strong suit i mean i had the developed at the figure that should at right yet.

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