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That for very little money will make your house. Feel so much bigger becoming eric. You didn't even necessarily consciously think about what it was that you were doing or maybe you did but by doing what you did you were taking. What was you know would say fourteen hundred smells and making it feel like it's a three thousand square foot house. And you have all that acreage and so you still have all of these things. All over the expand the curiosity. The i in the brain is going off in the distance. And if you do little tricks like materials or color or sound or light even if all you have is a little little gazebo but it's made out of some of the same colors and materials of the house. It tends even if you see a little bit of it. You know. I mean i. I did Hilltop house and we were pretty tight with where it was flat. And then the backyard had retaining wall sloped and then it was flat in regaining while sloped so by lighting certain areas of that up above. You could see it at night. You felt like all of that was a part of your living and it just made the house feel bigger. And if you're just a great example. Yeah you're draftsman. The document house for instance my house. I built a shed out there for storage. Well i built it to mimic the same angle the roof. But i did something different because this house built in seventy seven has cedar t. one eleven citing around it. I took my t. One eleven that. I put on that and i went horizontal with it instead of vertical. Very good..

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