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No one in my family knew about the connections between colon cancer and diabetes but one study found that patients with diabetes and colon cancer live about five years less than people who don't have diabetes and it's funny listening to my brothers and sisters when they're doug is like we all got diagnosed round the same time the american diabetes association recommends most people get screened around age forty five in my family people typically get diagnosed around age thirty seven being hispanic is a risk factor for diabetes but being of mexican descent like we are isn't even higher risk and that's not the only pattern i noticed my blood vessels in i was bleeding from the back of the eye in other words i also have bleeding in my eye and if we told me that i had a lot of lacerations inside my eye now i've got also diabetic retinopathy which is the it's like the blood vessels or bursting in the back your eyeball it's a scary thing to know your father is bleeding in his eyes as a family we're all used to dealing with the complications that come from diabetes but we really weren't prepared for when my grandmother's health started spiraling after one small cut she had a fall and she cut her toe and we did not know that she had cut into tow when she fell the wound got worse and worse and it began to sink in for my dad on the rest of the family the daily drop ins wouldn't be enough to take care of her anymore she's going to need twenty four hour care and a nursing home.

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