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In the pandemic. More cases of the more contagious be 117 variant have been found in Florida than in any other state. The city is considering keeping the curfew in effect until mid April. When spring break ands Amy held. NPR NEWS. European Union leaders are urging the Turkish government to reconsider its decision to pull out of an international accord on win. Men's rights. Teri Schultz reports the use top diplomat says the move sends a dangerous message across the world. You. Leaders harshly criticized the move that brought thousands of people across Turkey into the streets to protest against quitting the 2011 Council of Europe accord. It's the first binding international agreement aimed at eliminating violence against women and improving gender equality. You. Foreign policy Chief Joseph Burrell says the block quote cannot but regret deeply and express incomprehension toward the decision of the Turkish government, which he says risks compromising the protection and fundamental rights of women and girls in Turkey. Rail urges president wretched type Erdogan to reverse the decision, European Commission President Ursula von Dir lion tweets that women deserve a strong legal framework to protect them. For NPR News. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels. You're listening to NPR news in Washington. Live from KQED news. I'm Alice will flee. Dozens of elected officials in San Francisco are calling for the resignation of a school board member over allegations that some of her tweets from 2016 are racist against Asian Americans. Mayor. London Breed At least 10, San Francisco supervisors and other school board members say board vice president Allyson Collins should resign. A group of parents hoping to recall Collins and two other board members called attention to the tweets last week. Collins, who is black, wrote in a statement that her words were taken out of context. She added, She is horrified by a rise in in in anti Asian hate crimes, and that what matters most right now is support for the Asian community. The West Contra Costa Unified School, District and labor groups have reached a tentative deal to allow some students to return to class in April. Plan prioritizes students who require the most help, including English language learners, foster youth and students who need mental health support Superintendent Matthew Duffy, then happy to finally We are school buildings get open. I'm disappointed that we're not able to provide more to our students for this last part of the school year. If he says he's hopeful that by mid August, all students will be able to return to school in person. He wants even more students back in the classroom. I'm Alice will flee KQED news. Support for NPR comes from Intuit, maker of QuickBooks for those working to achieve their own definition of success. QuickBooks smart suite of business tools is designed to help them get there won't learn more at quickbooks dot com. And the listeners of KQED 68 degrees today for the high in Concord and also Santa Rosa's 65 in Oakland and San Jose 61 in San Francisco. From P R X. This is the moth radio hour. I'm Jennifer Hittson, senior producer at them off and I'll be your host. This time. The moth is unscripted, True tales told by regular folks and Rockem towards a life who bring stories from their lives to the stage this hour. We have three stories for you. We're here about a clinical psychologist with car trouble on inmates, desperate desire for a simple transistor radio and an undertaker with a problematic client. His first story is from way back in the moths history. Name.

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