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For Investigative Reporting in P R X. This is reveal I'm outlets over the past month. Protests have helped give unprecedented attention to the issue of police brutality. But right wing extremists are also trying to seize the moment. At a black lives Matter. Rally in Richmond, Virginia, A man claiming to be a leader drove his truck into a group of protesters in Oakland, California man who follows the online boogaloo movement allegedly shot and killed a federal security officer. They want to kick off chaos. They want to start the race warrants that always waiting for some Chaotic event to happen that'll help them kick this off. Megan Squire is a computer scientist who studies online extremism at Elon University in North Carolina. She's seen firsthand how the recent wave of protests and counter protests can get out of control. Someone protesting the removal of Confederate monuments recently punched her in the face. Megan says Right wing extremists are using what's in the news to spread their message. They track pretty closely to whatever the news headlines are, and then what they do is provide the racist anti Semitic fill in the blank spin on that news. All of these police systems are like big funnels. They have a variety of ways of recruiting people into them. That's David my word. A reporter with the nonprofit newsroom type investigations a few years ago. Reveal, teamed up with Type two track every single domestic terror event from 2008 to 2016. It showed that law enforcement was focused on extremist acting in the name of Islam. But homegrown right wing terror was a bigger threat by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. We were trying to make the point that really right wing extremism is a much bigger problem than Islamist extremism and that the government needs to be paying attention to. Now we've updated the database to include attacks from 2017 to 2019. We found that white extremist terror has grown and become more lethal, responsible for almost the same number of deaths during the 1st 3 years of the Trump presidency, as during all of the Obama years. And the right wing extremists appeared to target different groups. Many are driven by the same ideology. There's a very specific stripe of quite nationalism. That we're seeing run through, especially these more recent mass killings. Today, we're going to connect the dots and show how one act of terror inspires another thanks to online platforms and will ask why law enforcement is still struggling to catch up. Reveal reporters stand out. Corn and Prisca nearly have been digging into this for months. Prisco starts us off with a story of a man who witnessed the deadliest domestic terror attack from last year. Guillermo Glenn is well known in El Paso's Mexican American community. He's 79 now, and he's been a community organizer and labor rights activist. For most of his life. We conducted a lot of protest. We broke the bridge. They went to jail on August 3rd, 2019. He was just going about his weekend routine. It was a Saturday morning, right and around 10 o'clock, so I'm going to Wal Mart to buy and pet food, and I was way in the back, and I heard his great big noise. A warning. Guillermo was going to share graphic details about what happened that day. Ah, a large number of families, women and men. We're running towards me from the front of the building. And I noticed at least where the women that was dripping blood where there's something really wrong. I ran into the woman who is she had Both her legs had received some type of this shrapnel or bullet wounds, and she was bleeding, so I stopped. There to help her and I grabbed First aid kit and tried to at least tend to her wounds on her legs. One of the firemen, your paramedic came and tell you, you have to get around. We're getting everybody out of the store. So we put her in and whether there was a grocery baskets. When he wheeled the woman to the front. He saw what had happened right at the front door. There was a lot of blood. I knew then that there's been a shooter. It was very dramatic scene. You know, I saw the body of the man with half his head shot off. There was a lady land on the pavement across from where we're noting the people. I don't know exactly. Who had taken out I didn't have that information he was actually shooting Mexicans. The.

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