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About it wilpon, Tony Kornheiser. We're talking about it on PTI yesterday. Yeah, there's a huge following. I the giants have drafted Notre Dame players dick Lynch, of course, was a big Notre Dame supporter when he was doing color commentary for the giants of Notre Dame. But there's also a good size. Syracuse following because it is in upstate New York team. I was born in Syracuse and raise air for early years. So there's there's an allegiance to Syracuse. And of course, they were in the basketball tournament as well didn't do so well missing their point guard. But you know, bottom line is it's kind of a Syracuse weekend as well. I wouldn't mind seeing the orange knockoff the fighting Irish we'll see I mean, they're they're certainly not going to be favored in that game. But they can score. And never know. Let's go to Steven queens here on the fan. Steve. Trade in mind. Kindergarten. I think would help both teams. Now, I'm not a fan of the Mets. I am a fan of the other team then going to mention player on my team that insurance for years. Matched statistics to Alba. Lou Gehrig, actually, this is actually a fact he's he's rebuilding king. That he could really helped allege and in my team could use the young pitcher in the name of this player is Jose Abreu. Uh-huh. Yes, he'll tweaking his numbers weren't quite as good as I four seasons. But this guy is. Lulu White Sox. You probably wouldn't mind getting rid of. Although they probably wouldn't mind, but they probably consider getting rid of the election. They go ahead. What do you think? I don't know that it's a match just in terms of the position. Plus. You're giving them. It's interesting because it used to be that you would trade a picture a good pitcher for a good position player in a heartbeat. And now, I don't know that you would do that that pitching his is the commodity that you really really want. So I would think it would take more than just one player to get. Syndergaard. Even though I agree with you a Braves pretty good player. I think it would probably take more on the Mets and. Syndergaard also brings cachet to the Mets more than just being a pitcher. You know, he's got the long flowing locks. He's got the four the comic book thing all of that comic books. I should mention the passing of Stanley this week. We talked a little bit earlier about William Goldman and the great screenwriter, but Stanley the guy behind marvel comics for so many years passed away this week to the age of ninety five long full life for him. Let's go to Jimmy Dix hills. You're on the fan, Jim. Warning, richard. How are you today? Okay. How you doing? Doing great. Quick on Riley king, you know, one of the only two books I hadn't read yet was something of the night. I just had a plane trip and got the book four that, you know, trip. And yeah. Cook is wonderful. I'm I'm Mike about halfway through. And man that bookcase just dot me. It's fabulous. On the jets quickly the two points. There are caller. If you call was about, I think was a great call about darnold asking, you know, saying, you know, what's not anoint them. Not sure if he's gonna be great and all that. A fabulous thing to watch. If that guy didn't see it was the Tony Romo Nance broadcast of the game against the bears. Yeah. Yeah. Enroll mode so many great when he talked about the things don't he wasn't defending him. Totally. But he was pointing out all these different things that according to back with really know that in comparison to like Baker Mayfield. Like, the guy said Mayfield is a much better wine. He has better receivers. And when you mentioned Marceca's people have to remember it. Mark Sanchez had a tremendous offensive line. He. Three of the top twenty receivers in the NFL when he started with our Edwards and homes and Jericho Khatri. He had borderline hall of fame running back the bigger question, although Roma pointed out that Donald damn well better watch the film the way Peyton Manning did early on and be able to see where that guy you don't see is coming from the second Arctic the bigger issue Richard booth the jets, I think is the ish. I you and I were both wrong. I think about both. I think he's gone. But the bigger issue is going to be now with mccaddon they have as much money as any other NFL team. The question is is he gonna be able to put the right guys around Sam darnold to ever see this go where I hope it can also. Okay, richard. Thanks for the both have great dyke. Okay. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the Riley king books. An American storm is the one that's out. Now, a lot of people are picking up the punchless because it has the Christmas story and as a bonus. So thanks for that. And of course, the Christmas stories available. A free download as well kings Christmas. But. Yeah. I mean the bottom line on C with mcalinden. I said this on Facebook too. Hundred million dollars. A lot of free agents. But free agency in all sports are basically going to be players who have done it for other teams. And you've got to be able to get the guys who going forward or going to help you and. You know, the way it's set up. Now, it's very difficult to get young players in baseball. You got Machado on and Harper who are the exceptions at twenty six years old. But for the most part and other sports, you're gonna get guys who are thirty thirty of older than thirty who are on the downside of their career. And you're going to have to overpay for them and they only become free agents because the team that they're playing for has decided that they're not worth the money. An example is Nate soldier now he had a good game against the forty Niners. But up until that point he wasn't worth sixty two million dollars that the giants gave him. So you gotta be very wary when you're signing free agents that you're getting good value for your money. And I just don't believe you can build a team with free agents. You can supplemented team that's close with a couple of guys might have a year or two left of quality play that can help you. And you might have to eat the final years of the contract or in football, of course, because you're not guaranteed. You know, you might have to keep the guarantee things short. But the bottom line. Is one hundred million dollars to spend in football doesn't mean you can get like eight or ten great free agents who are going to all of a sudden rebuild the offensive line. Give you quality receivers and a running back doesn't work that way. It's gotta Stephen Manhattan, you're on the fan. Steve Wright, big rich. I'm speaking to the bestselling author and Thursday night that was the nicest Jack up with some Roydon, a hotel room and began you went to work personal followed the music people. Love your music. I talked a lot of people these are musical look-alikes, Freddie. Mercury and WFAN's very own jumping Joe beningo and also welcomed the heat. Walk. Welcome. The he passed away blocked it ROY Clark tremendous play to that guy. This wasn't just banjo and telling jokes where people what when people reheat walk and big anniversary coming up next year, obviously gonna flush it'll be the fiftieth anniversary of the miracle. Mets. And also the hundredth anniversary of Joe Jackson of the black socks and they've played most of the nineteen twenty season. And they weren't thrown out to like Campbell of nineteen twenty in just about sway dependent rates there on the Yankees. Now. I'm looking at it this way. Had the money what keep like to call the the cachet or whatever is to attract the guy like Bryce Harper the Bryce Harper. What they're doing right now. I think this is smart with farces on. He's basically letting them know that everybody is is available to sign this guy. He's gonna try to not only drive the price up where the money is big. But they're really looking for the giant potty goal. I really believe that. Yeah. Well, and the Yankees to our maybe since they don't seem to really be interested in Bryce Harper, unless they're laying in the weeds are going to try to drive the price up for other teams at they're in competition with dodgers Red Sox other teams. I don't think the Red Sox are interested in either. But you know, they're trying to make it expensive. So that those teams can't you know, they don't have unlimited budgets can spend more on vice Harper than they really intend to and thus handicapped themselves for getting other players eight seven seven three three seven six six six Bill Ayers coming up next. And now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, the ghost is back. This house is protected through progressive. But that doesn't mean it's not haunted. How else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound or the moon colored light in the hallway that's gone by morning?.

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