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Coffee shops that feature macho like my coffee shop in Brooklyn Smith canteen. It's some of the best macho I've ever had had also has too much shops in New York City. Enjoy our conversation you remember where you had your very first Cup of Mata. Oh, yeah. I remember very well. I was in my home and Portland. And and I just remember I had received a gift so like a ritual set from a friend in Japan, and it just couldn't have come at a better time. I was working in the for a huge CPG food company. We looked at your Lincoln. Okay. Yeah. We fully stocked. Yeah. Here's good. And it was a little I opening. I mean, you know, you work for these big companies, and you see how decisions get made. And it's not about ingredients. It's about the bottom line. You know, and I started I was consuming so much packaged food a heavily heavily processed food. And I just started noticing my body. Sort of deteriorating. So I did you grow up that way. I did I grew up eating like terribly, but I was really active. My mom worked for Nike. My dad was my tennis coach. So I was it wasn't until in my twenties. When I kind of slowed down being active and living this like in college, I was still working out. And when I got a fulltime job, I kind of stopped and still eating growing up healthy things as well. But definitely package foods as well. But I would say when I started working for this this big company, I kind of quit the healthy any healthy eating and just was only eating chips and granola bars, and you name it. And I think in my twenties, I kind of started all the sudden, you know, our bodies go through changes, I started becoming more dairy intolerant. I started having all these digestive issues. I found out sort of. Going to a family dinner later that year with my sisters that they were also actually having similar problems. So all around the same time. We were developing these sort of intolerances that we never had in our throughout our childhood. Did you go to a doctor? I did I went to several doctors because they had a ton of hair loss that I couldn't figure out, and you know, it is a vanity thing when you have hair loss, but it's not necessarily it really is even more devastated when a guy. Yeah. It was it was really so young. Yeah. It was in my early twenty s and so I saw these doctors, and they ran all these tests, and I had some like iron deficiencies. I definitely think I was going through a period of just a lot of stress too. And I think my diet was contributing to that because I wasn't exercising. I was just wasn't as happy, and I was having more stress and hormonal issues. That maybe the doctor couldn't see from their typical blood tests reports that they were taking so in the irony being you're working for a big company. So you probably had pretty good health insurance. Yeah. Yeah. I had great health insurance. I could see any doctor. So they work you to death. But they make sure you have good health insurance work you to death. I was drinking at ton of coffee. I mean, I was on the road a lot because I was in sales. So I was traveling. And yeah, the last thing I was thinking about was what I was eating. When did you have the light bulb moment that either I want to know more about macho where I want to make macho my business every day after work. I would I would go online and just research as much as I could about clean eating diet..

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