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Burn or Fido toxic burn, but both fixable. Um what I need to do in just a little bit. Just give me a time. Probably about 15 past they are I will post the Canine urine burn tip sheet that we did back in April 30th. Those ofyou very new to guard line. Something to think about. I forgot a bit so busy posted this thing I met to check whether we eclipse the 40,000 mark. Yes, we did sometime overnight 40,000 and eight. All right. Thank you, everyone for liking us following us, but we're 40,000 and eight people. Following us on garden lined with Randy limit on Facebook. Oh, that's gonna be fun because I'm only like 1000 maybe 1800. Or should I say about 2000 away from what the whole radio stations pollen? So this is the little niche gardening radio show. We got 40,000 followers. That's pretty cool. And thank you all for doing that, But you'll be the beneficiary of that. So if you are following us, you just saw the picture of James in the task of seed and I kind of need to get into edit that and make sure everybody knows is James. Who calling. Okay, we with James, Let me do this. Live on the air from Ah Tasco seat. Ah, called in with this picture. And I say if anybody else has any other thought processes, you don't have to come in on the weed on the edge of the grass. I'm sure he knows He's got that weed on the edge of the grass, but absolutely when you get a chance, I would love for you to check that out. Weigh in on it. If If an already I finally did do it like I use that moment to post the canine urine burn tip sheet that we did. A while back. So if you want to weigh in Goa And if you're not following the ship, go do that garden lined with Randy Lemon on Facebook while you're at it. Think about this. If you haven't been to Katie are H is website and gone to the garden lined pages couldn't do that simply by typing and randy lemon dot com. And there's a link kind of in the upper right hand side of the screen that says, you know, email tips. You want to sign up for the free weekly email tips. We do not sell your email address. Don't worry about that. Just a great way to get a tip sheet once a week and a profile of a product person place. Or plant once a week, so I don't know what I'm gonna do Tip she wise this week, and I don't know what I'm going to profile this week. Coming week tip she was, but it's got to be done in the next 24 hours. I know that for my own benefit, so I got to get those in ASAP as well. Gross saw great while I was getting ready to post this Um Tip sheet are just the picture from James. I stumbled across a great mean saying, I wonder if 2020 Khun B like a mullet. So that there's a party on the second half. Ah party on the back side of 2020 That doesn't sound like it. After listening to the news today, does it So here's our number. We got Cheryl in Houston. Where do you get to next? And then? The rest of you Get in behind Cheryl at that number 713 to 1 to Katie Rage. That's 713 to 125874 to one to Katri. It's 2125874 Alright, so without further due here is Cheryl the rescue call Katie right now, By the way, Katy, the producer. Newest producer for garden line. He is going to take your call, but he just needs your name. What part of town with part of country calling from as quickly as possible and one sentence or less. What's the subject? You want to talk to me in detail about Cheryl in Houston for questioning is a product that will kill sod Web worms that won't kill bees. Ah bt answers bt Liquid Bacillus thuringiensis because it targets on ly worms and caterpillars, But there's not an insecticide you, Khun! Just spray on the maws. That would do the same thing without harming bee populations. I'm not sure if that answers your question fully. But what do you think, Cheryl? Well, it kind of does. But if I don't want to kill the bees, and my goingto have to tear everything out in that flower bed so that they just go away and then Assad Web worms are not damaging to flower beds. Sod Web worms. Are in the lawn. That's the hints the name sod Sod. Webern's. Ifyou're seeing moths in the landscape. Yes. And you can spray areas that are not covered in flowers. Do that. But why ask areas covered in flowers? Don't spray those areas. That's where they are. They are. I'm not gonna worry ridiculously worry about that. That's not that's not occupy my time. But spray in the lawn used the BT in the lawns If you see worms and the bed's spray the BT in the beds Okay, so every sea worms in the flower band, right? Then spread the Bt Okay, and that targets only worms and caterpillars. All right. Thank you very much. You're welcome. This is guard line. I'm Randy Lemon. Let's go next to Jim and Navasota. Jim. Good morning. You're on the air. Good morning. I just wondered. Is there an ideal hot Tomoe Zaleski aggressive. Well, it depends on whether it's the thick later the thin blade. Well, it's the blade. I think the wider language Palisade Yes. Yeah, Yes. Okay, so Yeah, I'm going to say the optimum the height. Tomoe down to would be about 2.5 inches. I wanted to grow up 3.5 inches during the week and I'm going I can use a rotary lawnmower on Palisades versus a the need for a riel ar e e ell more on the thinner bladed soldiers and Bermuda grass is Okay, I got her. I got a real more because I thought that's the way to go. Yeah, OK, then you could be higher on the really mower, then. Ah, Rotary Miller on normal cutting of Palace eight. It's like Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say you could be a little bit shorter? My bad so you can cut that thing down to like. You know, 2.5 2 inches at certain places like that grow up to 3.5 3 inches in the week. That's about that's about 1/2 an inch difference on the rotary mower. Okay, Okay. But thank you and keep the blade sharp. The sharper you keep the blades like If you do every 4/5 mowing, you need sharpen those blades on a re along more. Well, if it's it's, um it's a lot of work. Okay. Bear women. If you want the cleanest cut the greenest looking yard. You stay on the schedule for the zoysia. But the more you sharpen those blades. Then the cleaner the cut, the less like you will have any tinge of brown on the edges. The tips Okay? They locked. I cleaned them about a month and 1/2 ago is the first time I just got the lower plain Elina charge him. But that it's pretty pretty good job won't be hard next to me and let me put it to you another way. Let's let's act like we're just now talking for the first time that we're talking about a real on more. You keep a watchful eye. When you use a real lawnmower. You keep a watchful eye on those blades. And if you start seeing jagged edges after the most like, 24 hours after knowing that you get the little brown Hugh on top of the jagged edge. It's time to sharpen the blame. Elka, You may be able to get a couple of months out of it. I don't know if it's brand new Okay. Okay. Appreciate Randy. Thanks for one of those, Just that I don't even know what the word I'm going to try to use is but in the lawn landscaping lawn maintenance industry, it is Fascinating How little how few.

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