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The kennedy family when a single engine plane plunged in the atlantic ocean near martha's vineyard who was on it john john wife and her sister right john kennedy jr carolyn bessette kennedy warned on that he had no business being out there today yeah that was very strange kind of falls around we had a death over the weekend nancy sinatra died one years old now she of course the mother of nancy sinatra as well and tina and frank junior who died back in two thousand sixteen first wife she was a administrative assistant when he was just a struggling artist and i got married then he left her in fifty one to marry ava gardner drank would go on to marry two more times nancy no she never remarried wow yeah i guess he took care of her yes she did they were still friends at the time that he had died blue eyes orioles beat the rangers yesterday heading the allstar break sixtyfive machado with a dinner and of course now the allstar game is in dc at nationals park homerun derby is tonight with the game tomorrow the mid summer classic france wins the world cup and a high scoring affair four to two not happy about that i was rooting for croatia djokovic wins his a fourth wimbledon yesterday serena lost on saturday angelique kerber and here you go the brigade your baltimore brigade beats the philadelphia soul fifty seven to forty five as they now inch closer to the arena bowl okay any idea what i'm talking about yes indoor football brigades sister and brooks comes back to the verb yeah on camera the other night hey did what the hell took him so long yeah right i just he's my all time favorite oriole and i just can't believe that he was not he has been in this special adviser role since since day one just don't understand he would have lasted a whole lot longer you know working in the tv booth and what have you but he couldn't get together on another contract but he says he doesn't want to make any decisions about baseball he just wants to help out wherever he can and that's that's classic brooks well you know what that means that means you know of the things i on a certain player brooks goes out sits down and talks with and say come on you gotta come here well it also means he wants nothing to do with the current crowd is let's go current crowd is not in i don't think the first thing yesterday well three walks and a slam e all right it's tough no doubt about that and we're coming up on after the all star break the trading deadline that's what everybody is looking forward to chuck we're off and running we'll see in just a couple of five twenty one and you are listening to sean and frank we are maryland's wakeup call what.

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