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W. up ahead on All Things Considered a member of the center for public integrity will be on the program to talk about how president trump and other politicians are raising money off the impeachment process later Airbnb stays of several weeks or even a couple of months are becoming more common in leading to strange experiences for some renter's Airbnb has long competed with hotels some say longer term renters typically have jobs and families in other words they're more responsible than short term renters Moorehead after this from NPR live from NPR news in Culver city California I'm too ugly psych hotel well president trump attended a campaign rally in Michigan talking up his economic and military accomplishments the democratic led house voted to impeach him on two counts for abuse of power and for obstruction Congress earlier in the day house speaker Nancy Pelosi had this to say the president violated the constitution is a matter of fact that the president is an ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections the basis of our democracy V. impeachment vote now heads to the Senate the trump administration is proposing new criteria for persons seeking asylum in the US and peers wins our Johnson reports the policy details seven factors that immigration officials could use to deem someone in eligible to apply the new rule would prevent immigrants from seeking asylum if they've been convicted of a felony or have been arrested repeatedly on domestic violence charges other disqualifier is include false identification or driving under the influence in a joint statement the department of homeland security and justice department say the changes are being implemented to allow immigration officials to devote more resources to the asylum cases of those who do qualify an imprisoned weaker economist is the winner of the European union's highest human rights honor the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought the daughter of ill Humm Tony received the award on behalf of her father whom she hasn't seen since his arrest by the Chinese government at the close of Wall Street today the Dow Jones industrial average closed down twenty seven points the nasdaq closed up four points this is NPR news and this is Casey are W. on Larry Perot on a Wednesday December eighteenth very good evening to you here's what's happening at six thirty two the US justice department has wrapped up an investigation into conditions inside Orange County jails skis here W. strictly to reports the investigation began eleven years ago after inmates murdered a fellow prisoner inside a county lockup inmates ganged up on John chamberlain in two thousand six and beat him to death at a jail in the city of orange while a sheriff's deputy watch TV less than seventy feet away a grand jury report found the beating took place in a blind spot now the DOJ says it's closed its investigation after the OC sheriff's department made a number of changes to the jail system including providing better services for mentally ill and drug addicted prisoners and cracking down on drugs being smuggled behind bars but critics including the ACLU of southern California say Orange County lock ups are still wrestling with major problems including attacks on inmates and failing to provide proper medical care that is KCRW's cherry glaze reporting in the LAPD adjusting its use of force policies the department is working to comply with the new state law that establishes a stricter standard for when officers can use deadly force this KCRW's Durrell's that's been reports the changes won't be in place when the new law takes effect January first the Los Angeles board of police commissioners this week held off accepting the proposed LAPD policy changes thank you needed to hear more from the public the department and officers in the field the comment period will last thirty days followed by two weeks when the department can make adjustments to the policy a resolution is expected in February the new state law says that police officers may only use deadly force when it is necessary to protect human life under the old standards an officer merely needed to have a reasonable belief that a life was in danger the law was passed in response to police shootings of unarmed black men and it was fiercely contested by police officer unions the final version was a compromise that contained more protections for officers the LAPD says its officers have been involved in thirty six shootings or what the department calls critical incidents this year US health officials have confirmed three children with measles in Colorado traveled from New Zealand to LA acts before arriving in Denver the kids were recently hospitalized the Denver post since the CDC has issued warnings at airports in Denver and LA involving the same airline passengers public health officials say travelers who passed through Denver International Airport or Allie.

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