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Rock who would have figured that. It all my days. A pro wrestling that I would be singing with another man in the middle of a rain out right in the middle of a feud with not in a million years, nonetheless, I'm about to read off to you a list of ingredients that you will need to make the brokers go ranch Margarita. And I am referring to a pitcher that I will post on my Instagram account Steve Austin, Bs SR, here's ingredient list before we go into the specific recipe. You're going to need fresh lime. Do not use lime juice does a piss poor substitute fresh squeezed lamps. You're also gonna need one of those lamb squeezer. I will include a picture of one of those as well. It's like a pair of pliers. He put the damn lime halves inner. And you squeeze the shit out of the lambs and always squeeze my lime juice into a measuring Cup. That's just to capture it in. Obviously, you're going to need your favorite brand of tequila. There's many forms tequila out there, your NATO's rep Assad as he could Blanco's, blah, blah, whatever the fuck man, I go with patrol and silver. I like, silver tequila, clear, tequila and my go-to patrol silver. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, shape or form, but I use patrol and silver. You're also going to need triple sec. Triple sick is an orange liqueur some people will use orange juice when they make their Margaritas. I don't believe in orange juice. I don't like orange juice. I love orange juice when I'm drinking vodka and orange juice in the form of a screwdriver. But not in my Margaritas, you're going to need grandma. I think it's another derivative of kind of like an orange liqueur but grandma on. Yeah. Here's what you're going to need. Also, one of the things that a lot of people don't include into Margaritas is organic rawal blue gavee has like a syrup. As not hoodie. It's a Garvey. And I'll give you my secret to breaking that down as I hit it into my mix, and then obviously, you're going to need some Margarita salt. So that's you list of ingredients for the Margarito. Now, you're going to need something to mix it up in. Now, if you don't have one of those like metal shaker things with the stranger on end of it don't frit because that's my go-to mechanism that I liked to shake my drinks in because a Margarita should always be shaken not stirred not just pouring in the last. I was at a golf course the other day, and I asked for Margarita and the bartender proceeded to put some rocks in a Cup poor the ingredients in there..

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