Barbour, Great Basin, Great Lakes discussed on Mark Levin


Need yeah in restaurants to try their new getaway burger institution for Barbour's probably ranks of the projection use and bacon a and they will yeah really Rogers restaurants for daylight burger store dash is available at participating restaurants expect dangerously high temperatures to continue early this week over the desert southwest critical fire weather threats northward into the Great Basin and then further north severe thunderstorms spread into the upper Midwest to borrow a front over the northern plains will move slowly eastward to the lower Great Lakes by Wednesday while the western portion of the front becomes stationary over the upper Midwest showers and thunderstorms moving into the Great Lakes tonight and the lower Great Lakes by tomorrow morning some of the storms could be severe and produce damaging winds and even some hail meanwhile moisture from the western Gulf of Mexico will move into Texas well upper level energy will produce showers and thunderstorms over the western Gulf coast region through the middle of the week following a call Monday the west coast could expect temperatures returning to summer like levels the one region the manages to stay below normal through tomorrow is the east coast that's your national weather forecast I'm Jackie Murphy NBC news radio radio one oh five five W. we are C. with you now comes to the fight for never stops Pauline.

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