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All right, ten twenty two but go, rob. In mid day. We'll get some calls in here jumping why not Joe in valley stream, Ricky Henderson. How are you? How are you? Joe how are you guys show? Thank you, real quick. I want to hear your take two points with the Yankees. I'm twenty seven years old. And I've had the pleasure to watch Brian Cashman roll out. A lackluster Gardner, whomever, manifested into what all Yankee fan store, he should be why they resigned them is beyond me. Now, they roll them out as the leadoff hitter. That they know it's mind boggling to watch but ten years DJ declared choice. He's not flying batting ninth. Batting title winner walks. Doesn't strike out everything you can't do want to get your thoughts on. I think that's the guy in the short term. Because to me are and Hicks should lead off when he's healthy. What one thing I will say, I don't know what you what you ever expected, Gordon that A B. Did you expect him to be some kind of a Supercell expect them not to be here? No, no, no. I understand that. But I mean, he said for the last ten years never materialized into what you. I mean, I don't know what you expected Brett Gardner. Look. I that I use it a decent play. If am I mean, he's not a superstar. But he's been a solid Yankee. Yeah. That I'm with you on Joe, I think he's been a very good Yankee for the last decade. I think he was never a superb NAS back you'd ever not expected him to be anything. He wasn't. I just think and we talked about this during the off season that they needed to upgrade, right micro. Brantley is a legitimate upgrade. I mean, there's no question offensively. And he's everything that Yankee fans want a guy who puts bat on ball. What Gartner does? Well, even when he's struggling with. I'll give him credit, and he did it actually in this game yet had an eleven pitch at the terminal what he will give you those long at that. And that's great. It'll give you that war of an at bat. He's a part of the reason why Dylan Bundy had to throw ninety three pitches in three and two thirds innings. He still does that very very well. I think DJ LeMay, Hugh is the kind of guy who in the short term could fill it or be that leadoff hitter. Because he puts the bat on the ball. He gets on basis we saw yesterday. And if he had five times yesterday, right? Yeah. Five times to walks a hit batsman singles including one in the ninth inning. He could be that option. But to me what Aaron Hicks itself the lead him off. But when we'll be healthy. When will he be back in the lineup? We'll see let's go to Robby and Lennox. Hi, rob. Hey, guys. How are you? First of all, congratulations to your islanders. Well done. I was going to say that to you to broken. Congrats. Congrats. By being a diehard raider faculty of Jeff Gordon contracts way drafted when he was assistant with Boston brought in Berge, Iran, and he bought and try to in a road rage Rangers. Come on got to give you a factoid you ready for this? Yes. First time ever first time since the devils moved here from Colorado that we have a season where the islanders are in the playoffs and the devils and Rangers are not that sounds attribute a lot of the range of the devils. Do a lot of injuries that are really good player to their best player. But anyway, wanted to talk about the NCAA about the Yankees first of all the NCAA great job. Great job, really happy for coaches, or what I thought I I'm not a big fan with with just asking when it comes to access and that was because to me. Got the ball in lots play on the wing stop on the wing and Barrett takes shot about the Yankees guys. When you guys made a great point you made some great points yesterday. I still a big fan of Aaron Boone's. I know they one hundred games last year. But there were basically a five hundred team in the middle of the end of the season. My probably the Yankees this is their defense accord defense, and the fact that LeMay was batting ninth. Well, maybe should be banning. I I don't understand Aaron put you got Stanton and judge banning behind each other to me guys the biggest albatross for this team was a Stanton trade because the stamping trade. No sense. Because right now, Bryce Harper could be playing the Yankees on the left side. All right. The Yankees got no left handed back and last year. In the off season. You guys talked about we made this a huge factor with the Yankees, the Yankees don't have enough handed consistency because they don't have enough left handed back. So I don't really understand Cashman's trying to do here. But only know is that we have a bad defensive team in the in the infield. And you have a lack of left handed power, lack of consistency. A Yankee fan you're not gonna win the postseason these guys again robbery. Talking to happen. I think what happened is that Brian Cashman disagrees with us. I don't think he sends that. There was an importance to bringing left-handed bats because there were guys out there in oh both of us agree. Daniel Murphy was a great fit now. Unfortunately for Daniel going on the DL, I Al the less. I notice should be. They should call this list. Now, the unable to playlist that the unable you. Unable to play. Okay. Instead of the injured Lizzy unable. These are the U T R U UT, no UTP on able to play whatever you wanna call it at bottom line is Dan Murphy's. I always are and Michael Bryant leasing Houston. But I think it was just that Cashman didn't en- doesn't value left-handed bats, putting more left bats in this lineup and guys who may contact. We are starting to see teams think that contact matters. Even though there's been a ton of strikeouts. Over the first couple of days of the baseball season. But the Yankees are very right handed, and they've got a lot of guys that strike out. And we knew that based on what they did this offseason. Let's go to Matt and Saddlebrook. Hey, matt. Hey, what's going on guys evidence? Such a big fan of your show that I was just listening to Howard what you say Brentwood successful. And I switched over to. Oh, really well good for Britain. Is I was getting worried that he was never going to be successful with him and his wife trying what they were trying good for him. Exactly. So that was the last caller kinda took a little bit of my point. But I think if you wanna make an immediate difference in this line of you've got us somehow sandwich someone between jobs, and you got I mean, they don't really have. Greg bird was hitting the perfect guy to break up the right? But you can't rely on that. So I would I would have Luke voice that third, and then I would move stand to fourth just to break up those that strike out. You know, it's funny met I mentioned before I think Andrew Harrison option gleyber Torres is somebody to think about they're not ideal. Ideally, who wouldn't be any of those guys. But I'll tell you the fact that even in a good year judge in Stanton, probably strikeout close to four hundred times, which is an awfully high number. Yeah. You wanna find someone to sandwiched between them, you know, maybe it is Aaron Hicks when he's healthy. I still think Aaron Hicks. Ideally would be a leadoff hitter. Because he gets on base thirty eight percent of the time. But right now, I think the biggest problem with finding a guy to sandwiched between those two is that. It just isn't an ideal fit there. Just isn't somebody? That's perfectly DJ LeMay you clean up. I guess you could could you stand aids? Cleanup isn't the same. Not at all. In fact, it sounds like the number two holes almost like the clean up spot anymore. Yeah. No question over the weekend. The Arizona Diamondbacks had Wilmer Flores start. I think it was two games. You want to hear the two spots in the lineup. Wilmer Flores four three and one. Oh, he's laying he lent on every member of north of Metz not out of the game. A few times never leading off though. Now, I never saw that. No, let's go to Mike in Half Moon, New York. Hey, Mike, Mike. Hey, guys. What's going on? Yeah. I can't believe I'm actually calling you up. Explain about the eight when Yankee fans do this. But I think it really is a concern. I know it's only been three games. But I called you guys a bunch of times last year the safety concerns about this team about situational hitting. They can't hold runners over one hundred games last year. But you guys see the break this made splits here for the weekend. They were ten per fifty six runners on page five for twenty nine with runners to score position tool for twelve yesterday alone runners to score position with fourteen strikeouts. For two straight games with twenty nine men on base against the war team in baseball. Me this is going to change. It didn't change last year. The three games that has issue because they didn't do anything to change it. I mean, I didn't think the Yankees had a bad off season. But let's look at the line of what did they do to change that from a year ago, they had a DJ, Hugh? That's it. Yeah. No. You're right. I think LeMay Mayhew is a good situational hitter. He's a right hand hitter. But he is a guy that can put bat on ball. He is a good situational hitter. And he can get on base. Like we saw yesterday. This guy won a batting title a few years ago. But outside of that, I don't think it's fair to just expect Giancarlo Stanton to be somebody different. He's not going to be somebody different. He is. He is Tony in Yonkers, Tony, our, you know, you guys are right? Got Gardner much ado about nothing regarding the nightspot still give you a long it back and gives you a solid that a clutch it bad when the chips are down. He owns to go up to we put it in the nice spot, you know, insanity game. But a lot of people forget is when he became a prominent role. What he has. Now, they slow pitch softball score era baseball with ending it became more pitching oriented with matchups less offense. So he painted a era. Oh, nine channel eleven twelve thirteen fourteen especially with the Yankees where Yankees actually scratch for runs in two thousand thirteen or fourteen and fifteen and you weren't seeing three twenty forty homers hundred and forty RBI's anymore by and large that you saw a ninety seven seven. And and so he's a more respectable more solid because of. He had a much tougher areas coming up in. So, you know, a lotta guys that played in eleven and twelve to say, jeez. The numbers are down offensively. You know, what it is? Tony the Yankees have history of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio. And Brett Gardner is not that Brett Gardner has been all star game break orders guy. But he's been a good Yankee for twelve years. He's been really good defensively. He's probably deserved to win multiple gold glove. Only one once he led the league in stolen bases. Once. I think he was always disappointing base deal. I think we looked at him. Guy gets fifty sixty basis. He never really did that. But I think he was a solid Yankee and has been a solid Yankee for the last twelve years. So I don't know what was expected out of him when he came up, and wait, I don't think anybody thought he was going to be the next. Lou brock. I don't think anybody expected that. And I think he's been good for twelve years. The question is at thirty five years old is he going to be better than he was a year ago. He did not have a good year. Last year is batting average was down is on bass was down is stolen bases. Where everything was down. There was there was nothing up so year later does he ever renaissance or are we going to continue to decline? About him. And he's playing only because you know, starting only because Hicks is not playing his heart. I mean, that's really true. I think so you don't think he would have played left field. Giancarlo at A, D H. Well, I mean, I guess. If they did they did bring the two first baseman up. I guess only because of that correct? You know, so I'm not convinced of that. Now. Gordon, I dunno garner may play his way into what you're saying. Yeah. Takes his back. Giancarlo plays left, which has always been my thought and in the D H spot is a lot of to heart. You know, what could end up happening and small sample size..

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