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Throwing your question Tweet on media on CBS and all read through those coming up here next hour on the show. Ian Rappaport of the NFL network rap sheet. Reported yesterday that there is a growing belief The Houston Texans could retain Romeo Cornell after the season. Mm hmm. Don't you dare Don't. No, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. You realize the Texans have two wins this year, the two and seven They're too and oh, against the Jaguars their own seven against everybody else. Yes, I realize Romeo Cornell was not responsible for the early losses. That's on Bill O'Brien shoulders but for the Texans, What are they doing? Well, right now yesterday. They have to Shawn Watson under center, and they muster seven points again. Crappy day bad weather in Cleveland but still I think that this is a case of When you have the nice substitute teacher after taskmaster, regular teacher goes out. You're like we love her. Oh, man, she's awesome. Any time we want to go to the bathroom, she write to surpass We watch movies all the time. This is awesome. She lets us talking class. We love her. I mean, Yeah. Every so often she forgets to give us the pop quiz and, yeah, I mean, I don't know if we're gonna be really good for the final when I'm learning a lot right now, But men we love her. She's so nice and biology is so much better than Mr Smith. Romeo Cornell is a really nice guy. Romeo Cornell. I'm sure it's foster too much positive atmosphere. Then what Bill O'Brien left behind O'Brien Woz, demanding he was combative. He was arrogant. He's a lot of the things that people just can't stand. Especially when you're losing. Well, we've seen the Romeo Cornell train We've seen this past by multiple times. You see it in Cleveland. We've seen it in Kansas City and people really liked him, but he doesn't wait a lot of football games. You want to keep Crandell is part of your infrastructure moving forward. Keep him as defensive coordinator. Make him an assistant coach. Something like that. So that he's got some say, and guys trust Tim, It could go to him. Hey, I'm I'm down with that. But Cornell cannot be your head coach and more as if they go down this road, they'll only have themselves to blame because a third time around Cornell eight women any more football games, this Texas team Texas team and what it's time for this report after Mr Texas himself, JJ Watt is basically told everybody can't stick around for a rebuild their answer in her bottle that maybe make their best excitable time. Happy is Hey, Romeo. Cornell will be the head coach. What is going on? What world are we living in? No, it's really bad, and I think this is just a case where everybody was beaten down by Bill O'Brien for years because he just war on everybody. And I mean, he was apparently ruthless to everybody in the organization, not just players or coaches. But like PR people and secretaries and, you know, help staff and digital teams and he was just hard on everybody and negative. So I just think that Romeo Cornell is like a really friendly grandpa and he comes in. You're like, Oh, man. It's so nice to be around Romeo. He's just great, but That doesn't mean you're winning football games as evidence by what's going on right now. So if I'm the Texans, I am just not Don't settle for Quran. Allah this point do not settle for Romeo Cornell. You've got the shot Watson and JJ Watt. You want to make sure you're supporting them with.

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