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And ninety seven degrees at the K. T. R. H. top tax offenders twenty four hour weather center KJRH news time to a one our top story the FBI is investigating the death of Jeffrey at Steen he's the millionaire charges sex trafficking of underaged girls had seen was phone is responsive in his Manhattan jail cell this morning in a statement to the F. B. I. of make that the federal bureau of prisons called is deaf quote an apparent suicide Jackie false to make that Jackie Heinrich of fox says it's not clear if it stain was or was not on suicide watch Brad Edwards is an attorney for Virginia coppery she's one of the one of the victims here one of the people who accused at speed and in that statement is that the fact that Jeffrey yes he would be able to commit the selfish act of taking his own life as his world view sexploitation corruption unraveled is both unfortunate and predictable the victims deserve to see as being held accountable and he owed it to everyone he hurt to accept responsibility for all the pain he caused yesterday a federal court unsealed documents detailing of stings alleged criminal activities involving young girls and his apparent links to powerful people he had pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking charges and was facing up to forty five years in prison had he been convicted in local news in liberty county highway one oh five his clothes still from making the other hours so has met teams are collecting pallets of highly concentrated in potentially flammable apple juice that spilled from an eighteen Wheeler after it collided with an Atascocita firefighter last night lieutenant Jered snail died in that collision the nineteen year old accused of shooting a woman sitting next to her husband and their SUV in mid July was brought before a judge in Harris County this morning the shooter was charged with murder and engaging and organized criminal activity he has a history of being involved in gangs it's a big shopping weekend for school supplies I don't know how to prevent our swimsuit regular athletic wear jogging shoes running shoes tennis shoes warm working forms as well your police and postal and military uniforms can be purchased for this weekend.

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