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With the same guy so he knew he was. Yeah small world. Our second date story comes from. Sean mcintyre and shantallow episode is so much fun. She tells us about her snafus. While learning to become a road cyclist in training for a triathlon santana's episode is episode. Ninety nine and again link on the show notes for you as i mentioned. I didn't know that i was cute until college. Because number one. I went to a predominantly white high school and at the time white men really were asking black women and so i didn't even have any dates. Dances prom or anything. So you guys listeners. If you haven't seen sunday you need to look her up right now because she is stunning. My jaw is just a gape. Had i literally had no idea. But when i got to college all of a sudden guys wanted to take me on tours of the campus and i was just thinking man. Everyone is so nice here like i didn't know helpful. I was like this is so great. I pick the right school. Everyone is so kind and then it wasn't until about two months and i was cute also. My mom had always experienced. We never going on dates or doing anything. And so i don't know what she thought but she had come to fresno to help me open a banking account so she could wiry money like every college kid needs you to do and a big taylor was relatively cute. He wasn't like drop dead gorgeous but he was a cute kid and so she slipped him my phone number while she opened the bank account and was so mortified. I don't need your help right. I don't need your help. He was shorter than me. She didn't realize that standing on. Vox because you know big toes elevated chubby like my style. I've really just loved strong athletic. Men that's like my roster ma. Yes and he was not and so we go on a date and he was like eating weird where it was like drooling out of his mouth like it was joss a nightmare he was like. Oh i don't have money for this meal. And i was like neither july because i'm like you asked me out mentioned. My mom did prompt. But you estimate out. And then he's like well. There's an atm right there and he pointed to an atm. No-one would you work at the bank. How you are literally eight baker. What and i'd gone to the little eighteen was young. You bet and. I pulled out some money. And i paid for the day. Well you had to get yourself out of there that like whatever the extraction technique is just. Let's get this over with. Maybe he just probably knew you were way beyond like there is no hope but still being a gentleman. Good lord terrible terrible. Our third dating story is from lanna hogue and you guys will remember liana from episode. Ninety six she is one of my fashion industry mentors and is the consultant between chelsea shop and our factory so she is absolutely essential to what shelby shot brings you. And she's hilarious so episode. She mostly talks about nudity because she has enjoyed going to nude beaches from time to time and had a couple of really fun stories about that but this story about one of her early dates with her husband is so funny. I still sometimes spontaneously laugh about it when i think about it. So you are welcome atlanta and i are treating you to a good belly laugh on this one when i first moved to san francisco as anyone who's lived in the bay area knows rent here is really expensive so i had my room in a big shared household. Some might run was tiny and there is no horizontal surface in my bedroom to reserve for my motorcycle helmets so i would routinely. Just throw it into my laundry basket tonight. Soft place for land. So at the time i started dating man i was really trying to impress and he ended up being my husband but at the time he was my boyfriend and he would never ride with me on the back of my motorcycle. And i thought oh. He doesn't trust me so one day when he said that he had to drop his car off at the shop. And would i give them a ride back which meant he was gonna take a ride on the back of my motorcycle. I was so excited that he trusted me. I was on my motorcycle. I followed across town so you could drop off his car and then he gets on the back of my motorcycle riding on for a little bit any reaches up any touches my helmet and makes this kind of rip sound goes. What's this and i look at his hand. This is a man. I'm trying to impress. His hand has my mini pad in it. Oh no i was okay. I was thinking under winner. Mini pat is worst horrified. And especially he didn't know what it was. Nothing sticker never mind. You never mind that. I've worn it. All the way across town stuck to the side of my helmet in had it in his hand. I think strip ten years off my life so glad you didn't crash. Well okay. then you're able to say see. I'm very trustworthy because not only. Can i drive my motorcycle safely. I can do it when seventy unity me and my mini bad off of my head. I know what to do with it. I just like grabbed it out of his hand. I think too bad. Somebody didn't roll the window down a stop light and say skews me. Ma'am you have a mini pat on your head. Well san francisco minding so. There's all kinds of things you're gonna see that you don't necessarily call out to people. Well that's true. One time when scott in the girls and i were visiting san francisco for a medical conference. We were walking in the marina district and all of a sudden a bunch of bicycles. Start coming towards us on the street. And i realized too late to really do anything. Although we aren't shameful family so my kids have seen both of us knew multiple times. It's not a big deal. We never worry that much about it but it was just so unexpected and fascinating in the middle of the day to see all of these people have all shapes sizes genders and identities riding towards us on bicycles naked and then what was even more shocking than that was as they were writing past us. I couldn't help but turn my head and to see them from the back naked on a bicycle that very fascinating site. Her buns assery color. Lots lots and lots of hanging skin. My kids were like those people. Don't have any clothes on like they sure. Don't get together wearing helmets though. Were they being safe about it. No so what's we're and some of them. Were as far as i remember but it was about twelve years ago there are youth fellow in berkeley. Who would wear nothing. But a red bend down at all seasons and he would moves at red bandannas. So it'd be on different. Parts of his body might be on his wrist. Might be on his head and i had heard about him because i had a girlfriend who lived in berkeley. Who would tell me about him. And god rest his soul. I don't think he's around anymore by ned. Forgotten about the stories of him. And i just had my first encounter was when he was defending right next to my car at a stop light. Any had the red bandanna tied around his penis which is on his way in.

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