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Disbelief, and then today No small amount of mockery. The European Super League, which would have been an oh so profitable alliance of a dozen of the world's best richest and most popular teams, has collapsed in on itself. Why and why the angst and outrage from fans and soccer officials alike here to explain his soccer fan and marketplace reporter Jasmine Garza. European Soccer has a pyramid system. There's different levels or leagues, and any team can climb up or down in the ranking. The Super League would have changed that crisp. Our bank host the English soccer podcast across the pond, he says. It would be like if the NC double a said, Hey, you know what? We're going to have a Super conference and we're going to take Alabama Football. Ohio State football. And on Lee, those teams can compete for a national championship. In fact, it would've Americanized European soccer. Pat Nevin used to play for Chelsea, one of the proposed Super League teams, He points out that baseball and American football is franchises. And it doesn't matter how bad a season you are. You're still in the league next season. That is not the case in Europe, and it's something that in Europe we hold dear to our hearts. Having the same popular teams in the league every year would have meant a lot more money for some, says Andy Zimbalist of sports economist at Smith College. There would be more following their Dittemore traditional rivalries and as a result of that they would get larger television. Contracts. That's Chelsea fans protest ng Tuesday coaches, players, even politicians opposed this..

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