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But that's that's something that i think is affecting the mood here. Particularly of course leading into the the twentieth anniversary of nine. Eleven christine. Mac in annapolis. Thank you very much for joining us. let's bring the panel here in london into this now. Tom and kiara tom first of all. Do you think this has been a a week. That will radically change people's View of the united states around the world. Or is this one of those things that i as i suspect. Biden is also calculated though. I'm sure the images coming out of kabul this week but not what he would've wanted but he's probably correct is not in calculating now that probably really a month to six weeks from now. No one's really gonna remember any of this. I think they might remember. I think the calculation he makes though is similar which is the to his domestic political audience They will forget quicker. It is instructive though to look at. Who is saying what. I had a discussion on this station. With general sheriff. Who is a former nato supreme commander in europe he was apoplectic. He was infuriated. Raging and that rage was directed squarely at the americans in his objection. Wasn't that you know what's happening last week. Changes the fact that this looked like an intractable complicated situation which we all knew the soviets knew it the british. The old colonial days new at his was the mishandling specifically of withdrawal his contention was there was no need for the pace of the advance and there was no need to hang these people out to joy who had been assisting me combined effort for the best part of two decades. Let's not forget. So i think it will be very difficult for biden when he's talking to that coined of audience you know if he's a in nato meetings. I get that traction back and it just it strikes those markets here in europe the uk as being very much at odds with his earlier rhetoric. The us is back in foreign policy terms. It's back to what we knew. This feels like something would have happened. I even under the trump even under the trump administration watch which is pretty damning for biden. Caribou you think. There's an element as well. That people are quite surprised by the joe biden. We saw earlier this week because he had pitched himself. Not just as the person who wanted to america to lead again but as this is kind of how he won the election is cuddly reassuring avuncular chap who nobody really had anything against the speech he gave earlier this week. There was a a real flimsiness about literally saying well. If they fought for their own country why should we yes. It was a different. I guess monitor of speech that we saw from him and also some sort of self justification as well which i think. A lot of people didn't expect it was going to be nothing but chaos and and this kind of thing. I do think though that the situation currently in terms of the focus on domestic policy. You know as tom riley says there you know the the whole idea with bringing with the beginning of the baden administration. Was this return loss. America to foreign policy and yet by and large the the whole of the last year has basically meant to complete metaphorical of if not sometimes also very physical shutting borders for vast majority of countries around the world and i think that the hangover of that has impacted away leaders. Do think about the domestic policy. You know. I look at the way that the consequences of the afghans situation for example being handled in italy and we will get onto discussing rob and his alleged incompetence in dealing with the crisis but a similar situation happened in italy. As well and there wasn't as much outrage in terms of you know the the consequences of the way that it was handled there are criticisms being handed to a lot of different countries and their respective handling of the situation. And i think that the dominating john look at america has also go of course got to do with the massive involvement and they've had to have got him afghanistan but particularly because i guess people just didn't see them take a lead internationally also over the course of the last year and at this time there is just no willingness for any nation to be sent center of attention. Okay well let's move along from that. Although there will be much more on afghanistan in tomorrow's episode of the foreign desk premiering at midday uk time but obviously available for download after that Let's now take a look at the minutiae of scottish politics. Wait stop comeback etc. These scottish national party and the greens have published details of a new power-sharing arrangement it will be the first time the greens have participated in national government anywhere in the uk. It will see two of the seven. Greens in scotland's parliament. May junior ministers and both parties will commit to another referendum on scottish independence within the next five. Ideally sooner. that'll be fun minded. Tom read it. It's it's been awhile. Since this country had a good proper rancorous divisive all install shova some zero some all or nothing question that is going to dictate the course of futures for decades that senate clearly north of the border. I things are opening back up. Let's get stuck into this. I think it was really interesting about. The greens is clearly as a political force north of the border. They're doing what the liberal democrats did in their real faded coalition with tori south of the border a few years earlier. They're seizing on an opportunity. It's plainly politically expedient to go into partnership in one of these confidence and supply arrangements where your political clout is vastly increased by an accident of the quirks of the democratic process. We should stress. It's not quite a coalition it. It does have a number of amusing sort of agree to disagree. Causes about nato membership and fox hunting. Yeah again the the key issue defining demand on the streets Every waking waking hour. What is interesting. Is the sort of mainstream politically of the greens within the uk as the urgency of the sort of climate crisis. I mean this was the existential consideration for the foundation of meaningful green political movement all across the west through the kind of seventy s and into the eighty s and. Interestingly you know as that urgency has become ever greater weirdly that has compelled the policies wherever they are on the political spectrum to move towards some kind of broad consensus. Not of what the action is. Or how urgent action is going to be taken but t to mainstream the idea and it's interesting the greens into in this position. Where even while that has happened they stay they. They have become politically more more relevant. Because you might suppose wants everyone's talking about climate change. It renders the meat for parties whose whose very existence is predicated on addressing that from being involved in the process so that will be interesting to see how it plays out. I think one of the problems that the scottish greens will have is a problem. That green parties and movements all across europe have had which they get their chance at the big boys table and they show that like everyone else. They're incompetent governed by self interest pro into making terrible decisions so they have an opportunity but it may be that they just reveal. They have the same foibles and failures and propensity tonight. Mistakes that everybody else has kiara. How much of this do we think is nicholas sturgeon scotland's first minister and leader of this burnishing her climate credentials ahead of glasgow hosting cop. Twenty six in november because of course while while the thing is important in of itself nicola sturgeon. We'll be aware that scotland will be the center of the world's attention and she will very much be seeking to portray herself as well. She is a national leader. But you know what i'm saying she wants to portray yourself as a national national leader. Well definitely. I think that this is quite a winning move for her because it does kind of reinforce our position It gives a also this kind of optics credentials and in a way. You know it is an issue of scale right because we're talking about two ministers so we're not talking about something that's going to be life changing louis impactful on on her decisions but it's sufficient to give up to prop her up as well as give credibility and on this issue of scale..

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