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Frank. You're very eloquent. Tough to follow, but I'll try. Thank you. Um We're witnessing the law of diminishing returns. I believe in pro sports. First of all pro basketball Nonentity rain scene. I love it. We all loved it. No, no, no, no, no, no, I love it Today. I love playoff basketball in the N B. A Five times as much as I love regular season basketball, but I love playoff basketball between great teams. So I I I think you're making a blanket statement there because I still love it. Like you were intimating. They should get an infomercial at midnight for an hour and voice their agenda upon people that way, not through a platform that is owned by somebody else. Me that smooching. But here's why I called you at my club and going even playing golf. Now, for a couple of months, we have never had a basketball game on the TV. We have never had even a baseball game on the TV and these, the owners of the sacks are at our club. The owner's off the Bears and the Bulls are at are so what do you What do you have on the TVs? Coffee only golf. Six different TVs. They got ladies golf, and they got the corn fairy on. They got foreign golf Fine, and he got the weather channel. Nobody is watching the pro sports now. Three of the guys at the club yesterday said they're giving up their bears tickets they've had in their family for 70 years. Wow, Just don't Look, I don't care. Then I leave the club Thursday night with Matt in the football game's not that I don't care about and I'm an ex bookmaker. Okay, I don't care about it. You were watering hole. It stayed in Kenzi, downtown Chicago. I'm sure you know the area. Yes, I don't walk in tow knickers. They got the hacking game guy asked to put the football game on the Tellem. No. Wow. We're not putting it. I got to tell you, Paul, I gotta run. But I would I'd be I'd walk out of that bar. And I, and, uh and I know that's a good spot to by the way I'd walk out of that bar. If it's Thursday night, and I can't see the Chiefs game, and it's a It's a bar that that considers itself you know, a place where guys will go on watch sports and I'm not getting to see the don't get to see the Chiefs game. I'm not going to be there. Anthony, Where do you want me to go next? Like Okay, let's go to do Drew in Charlotte, North Carolina, drew good morning. Hey, What's the turnoff Speaker? Oh, quick. Thank you, buddy. He doing, man? Man. I'm doing pretty good. Pretty good. Give me one second. Okay, so To your question about whether or not AH Activism should cross over entertained into entertainment during during the game during the game. During In between, and you just look at the definition of activism. It is talked about raising Awareness in social conscience, So that means there is no wine. It's just simply, it exists. Well, then that's great. Andrew. Here's the Here's the problem, and it's very much like the last time I saw Springsteen. Last time I saw Springsteen I've seen Springsteen four times live in my life. Last time I saw him, he decided to preach to me about politics. You'll never get another dime of my money. Never get another time. But I always liked this music because I don't go money. It's about people. True. Is this No no amount money true, It's about his drew. It's not about dialogue. Activism in a game activism at a concert is not about dialogue. It's not about money. It's not about Yes, yes, it is. Thank you for your call, because you're using that platform to do it. Yes, it is. It's absolutely that You're using it as a you're using. I said Bruce Springsteen and another Get another dime for a ticket out of me. I don't want to be told how to vote Who to believe in politically and here political potshots and crap like that. I'm there for music. Now, if in his own time he wants to do whatever he wants to do go for it. Yes, that's an N BA game or an NFL game. And guess what. If they don't care about running off customers, then go for it. Go for it. But if you don't think that, that as an issue, and by the way it's I want to know and very much something we talked about on art on the shack podcast. I want to know. What are you doing when you're not at a game? Are you rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in your community. I mentioned Malcolm Jenkins earlier, Malcolm Jenkins gets involved in his community. He is knee deep in it. He's active in his community. He's doing more than just talking or tweeting. That's what I want to see. All right. The first edition of the fall out comes your way Next college football season has begun. The John Kincaid's show, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe, This is John.

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