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She gets to go to a house and check in on an old lady whose regular caseworker as stopped coming nets subtly telling US already that bodies have already been dropping and what she finds a house overrun with litter and an old woman. Totally alone clawing on the ground. Where can I find somebody to come in? Clean my house to take care of my Lady Lady. A Japanese social workers. That's what they'll do one of the things I noticed to again building that mystery. And what's going on like it. Seems like there's a lot of of mattresses because they sleep on the floor and Japan. It looks like but the sleeping bags and they they all have these stains. We're GONNA find out there. Were other people in that. House is stains from their bodies. But there's lots of little things. I'm paying attention to as we enter into this House I agree. It's kind of fun just being in I mean. I don't know how a traditional Japanese House looks doc. So like what I found out Chamisa said as he picked his neighborhood Naree. Because it's old like the style of house would have been popular fifty sixty eight years before it is in no way modern which I guess in retrospect with the sliding doors and screens and all of that you sense that it looks like ancient Japan. Yeah in that makes sense culturally because I know a thing in Japan is like anything that gets to be one hundred years old gets possessed by a ghost like yeah. This House is an older house so you just have ghosts in it. I guess like I listen to this whole podcast about how the house he marketed Japan. It's the opposite where the longer you live. In a house. The more depreciates and yeah because they believe things hot stuff there after one hundred years and this couple. That's in here. Their new the token nugas are probably only a few weeks into of this. Well eventually find out their story in the second chapter here but this is not the case of what it looks like. If we had never seen any previous juon movie we you might just think Oh. This poor woman is being neglected probably by the social worker probably by her children. You know this is a common problem frankly in the modernization of Japan and as women and men go into the workforce the whole model was someone stayed home and took care of grandma and the children at at the same time so it was a multi generational home and now children and grandma. Yeah they could end up in a situation as dire as you see. Sachi is in this is to me a replay. Though of the schoolteacher from Juon the curse yeah and going into the House doing a welfare check that that one was a teacher checking on a student. This is a social worker checking on an old lady but same house. Same kind of thing where you go. You see the little child so to me. This feels just like retread. We'll by the end of this. You're going to have a teacher going to look on. Toshio it does feel like a soft reboot. That is something thing I noticed like. They're not gonNA retail that first movie but they have little elements here in there. That are nods do it yeah. That's not a bad idea. Really because a lot of people aren't you said some people we're just not gonNa WanNa Watch a movie that looks like curse one or two so why not just Kinda set them up here by doing similar things. All sequels follow elements of the previous previous installments. So yes I'm okay with it but I recognized it as well. It felt like okay. We know exactly what's about to happen in this house. The only thing that is different is that yeah. That's an old lady here now. It's not Toshio. And what's wrong with her is she. cognitively impaired is she just senile is she drugged is she needing drugs or is she. She possessed later. She'll be saying I told Kazumi again and again just the way you said. Please stop tormenting me I think she's in cahoots with Ko. I think that she is working with the spirit in some way based on that random bid of nonsensical speech or that spirit slowly driving her mad. I mean the the end of the segment. We'll see this shadow cocoa that's kind of just leaning over her knows what she's whispering this old woman to me the way I read it. And it's not that the movie gave this to me it's my projection but we often see in horror films that the crazy actually can communicate indicate more with the spirit world so I took it that she was suffering from some form of dementia and her untethering from our reality allowed her to to be more aware of the spirits and communicate with K.. Oko there's another thought I had because I did my deep dive research and thought about the way. The cultural critics looked looked at spirits like cocoa as being representatives of women of the past and their anger is really directed at modern society. Both men and women. She might be in a more in alignment with traditional grandma. Then she would be a woman that that goes to work like who told me. We'll be when we'll actually meet the sister who's a clearly a businesswoman. Her modernity is a reason to for her to be killed whereas here this old woman. Yeah Maybe K.. Oko just likes to kill everybody everybody in the end the one part of the segment that I never get to see play out. I guess you just gotTa assume someone at some point is rec- Rica when she's she's looking around this house and it's just trash everywhere garbage everywhere. She goes upstairs that closet. It's taped shut here meowing coming out of it but it is taped i. I thought that would be something that gets real at some point but we never get taped up they re just someone taped up at some point. It's revealed later. That Yuji was taping things up near the end of his life the same way his daughter Izumi would start taping things up. Okay I miss that. Yeah it's it's Japan told chronologically and we'd have gotten it no but again that's the fun then you're missing the only thing this movie has to offer I mean like otherwise it's just a slasher film the only thing that's GonNa make it stand out is if it does this trick and so love it or hate it. I think it defines it. I don't know how you would tell you on chronologically logically. I don't know how the grudge will do it. Then that makes this the carrot top of horror films without its props. It's nothing okay. Whatever I mean you can be cruel if you want but a lot of movie VR? Gimmicky I mean. You could say that about memento you could say that about pulp fiction. I mean it has a gimmick in. Its proud of it. I mean that is every slasher has a gimmick a needle. Oh hand a hockey mask. They all have their little things that Saddam apart. Well I'm saying specifically that the non chronological storytelling. Did Not aid the story itself the way it does in Memento and it could be said whether or not a dozen pulp fiction. That's arguable but here. It does feel like a gimmick. It's not a way of telling the story that gives us a strong first person perspective. I'll say this much. It doesn't a the movie the way that it aided cursed first one curse one I actually thought and trying to put it all together by the end there was sort of like a light bulb coming on of Oh A.. Ha Now I finally understand A lot about what's going on in this unhappy marriage of cocoa's here because we come into this movie having seen those two movies knowing full. Well what's going to go on. It's it's really for the filmmaker to create new mysteries. Who are these new people coming into the lives and have us really care about the protagonist should have been more of a focus than it? It is I agree you I did not complain this hard about the non chronological storytelling of the first to really again. I consider that one movie but yes it did have the the big reveal at the end. Like Memento where the order of the story really had payoff here. I don't feel it does and again because all these segments are so the same Jacob Jacob You keep saying Campfire Tale. I love a good anthology of Campfire Tales. That comes to mind in responses that movie trick or treat we did trick. Eric are treat not the rock and roll eighties one but the one that had like Anna Pack Win and all the various little stories. That's great each each individual story. H Campfire Tale is different here. Each campfire tale is really identical. Yeah well how do you feel about the special effects. I I know. Usually that's a deal breaker and it was kind of with you with curse. Was that you just the production values were such that. You didn't want to go along with it here when we finally see. Well it's a black ghosts it's now and I do know that the series eventually is going to have a two parter white ghost black goes and now she is a black shadow. Straddling this old lady and just sucking the life out of her we've known up to this point. Ko Co is a vision of white. This is like the pokemon of horror films. They have to poke him on White Pokemon. Black Sword Shield Shield. I mean I I did laugh a little bit because yeah we get this. Obviously like she's shadow. She's Coco's lurking in the shadow. She's taken form and then they gotta do. The shot of the is and it's obviously the actress and black face because she's shadow like the cut between like the digital effects or however they did that in the cut to like just a real person with black face on. It was a little humorous but again I go with the atmosphere and this film and again Chamisa says if you're laughing that's okay. He knew it was over the top again. He wanted to make a comedy. I wonder if that's wise attitude to take with this property. But I wouldn't say I was laughing at it but I do think that there's some kind of low Rez charm to it. All and there's Times James later on where I will see more charm here the black ghost. It belies the fact that they had the budget to do what they want it. I'm not laughing with it but I'm not laughing added either. I think a good ghost story should provide me suspense and scares if we ever do get to the ring I will say the ring. The American version had me scared for the protagonist I actually got wrapped up in those characters and feared what would happen. been to them and here. I'm never scared or in suspense. I feel it's a foregone conclusion and there's one really good creepy moment and it's like the. Yeah I kind of the entire franchise but other than that when you start doing things like this black blob. It's certainly not going to creep me out. is going to further distance. Distance me from the film itself. Yeah I complimented the first film because it got some legitimate jumps out at me like some actual scares as low Rez. Chief is that film. Was this one. It never gets the scares out of me. It does unnerved me though and so again that's a successful film to me. Am I being unnerved of my he you know he going up something like that. And Yeah this one. I don't think it's as scary as the first one but it's still a nursing and this is the only time I think we see an actual kill like normally cut away and it's over. But Rica is our protagonist. She's watching this go down. She sees this thing on her. I think Caicos macos method ultimately is guilt right. You have to witness me. You have to look at both shame that befell me and what we see this grandma cover there is yes I think it is the shame really that maybe modern society is trying to look away from to batter women. It's worth pointing out and Japanese culture. There was no words there was there's no acknowledgement of about spousal abuse until the nineties. Like it just was thought of as a Western problem because of man. I don't WanNa say he could do anything he wanted with the wife but it was not seen as the independence of the unity in marriage that there would be after then so I do. Think in some Weird Cultural Way K.. Oko Oko does signify that shame and that shame is what kills. Yeah I thought I complained with the second film like introduce some way to fight off Keihoku and I thought we were getting that you you like. Look out of the corner of your eye. Look between your fingers. It does feel rid of the ring though. Like spoiler alert for that film is that it's about acknowledging someone's trauma Emma and that's what saves you from the Ghost and so I'm like. Are they going for that here. Like if you acknowledge what happened to K- Oko you're going to be spared but ultimately I don't think he goes that way yeah I agree ultimately ultimately. We don't see anyone that has a real good method on taking her on which is frustrating. That's why we need to bring in the ring girl right. Yeah perhaps we will move Yvonne however to catch sue ya which is the second segment and this is actually the son of the elderly Saatchi. That was just shame to death. He is a businessman man sleeping through his mother tearing up the House. The reason why it's so messy is this woman has some kind of sundown episode where she just throws all her clothes and dirty dishes is all over the stairs and things so yeah. Obviously I realized was happening beforehand. The house was in better condition. The woman was still alive as so we're going to have the next couple segments in order and yeah now we're finding out a little bit of the back story of this old lady can sue you..

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