Kirstin Nielsen, President Trump, Uganda discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Team. A radio news. I'm Rita Foley. What? Now, homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen has resigned we're told she wasn't forced to the Olsen was with President Trump just Friday at the southern border. But her departure was also months in the making Nielsen publicly backed the president's immigration policies walls work, but privately sources say both were frustrated Nielsen by his increased mentally and the president by a surgeon migrant families crossing the border. The sources say Nielsen met with him yesterday not knowing if she'd be fired or would reside the president says customs and border protection chief Kevin mcelwain will temporarily replace Nielsen reflecting his priority at homeland security saga megani. Washington in American woman kidnapped by gunmen in Uganda is free. But so are the kidnappers lease in Uganda. Say Kim Endicott. From California and her guide are in good health and in safe hands. Ugandan security teams had been hunting down gunman who had demanded a five hundred thousand dollar ransom after kidnapping the two. They were ambushed on April. Second in Queen Elizabeth national park, which is popular with tourists. I'm Julie Walker. We don't over the ransom was paid Ugandan. Authorities say the kidnappers escaped. Delta Airlines is number one. In a new study that looks at on time arrivals and baggage handling among other things. The study is from two universities, which toss state and Embry riddle. The baylor. Women have won the NC double a basketball championship. Final score eighty to eighty one over Notre Dame and the country music awards last night..

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