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To experience it themselves. Thanks to the experts who provided their insight experience for this episode. Dan, Byman Jeff Elton, Elaine K, Mark, Suzanne Maloney, and Bruce ridell special. Thank you to Anna newbie, managing editor of the foreign policy program at Brookings organize. The scholars to appear in the show and work with me on the script to learn more about the Iranian revolution. Forty years later. Visit Brookings issue to find blog posts, essays and multimedia content between voices from across the institution that examined various facets of the revolution. And its continuing relevance today. Breakings cafeteria podcast is the product of an amazing team of colleagues, including audio engineer, and producer guests on Reverend with assistance from our culture. The producers are Chris McKenna and Bredon Hoven Bill fining, director of the Brookings Institution. Press. Does the book interviews, and Jessica Pavone and Eric will hand provide design and web support our intern. This semester is Quinn. Lucas finally my thanks to Camillo Ramirez and Emily Horne for their guidance. And support the Brookings cafeteria is brought to you by the Brookings podcast network, which also produces dollar incense the Brookings trade podcast intersections five on forty five. And our that's podcasts. Email your questions. Comments to me at BCP at Brookings dot EDU. If you have a question for a scholar, including audio file and apply it in the answer on the air. Follow us on Twitter at policy podcasts. You can listen to the Brookings gaffe area, and all the usual places. Visit us online at Brookings EDU neck. Till next time. I'm Fred dues..

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