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When Fred Fred got out in Nineteen thirty-one Ma was hell bent? Her son would never see prison again. She joined him on the road as he returned to his life. Life of crime. It was a codependency Ma. Took care of Fred and Fred supported her financially when Arthur got out he did the same loyd remained in prison but my hoped. He joined them soon with mud. His side Freddy Barker joined up with Alan carpet forming the barker carpet gang. Soon Ma Barker a woman in her early sixties was following a gang of gunslinging wild west Outlaws they robbed banks. They robbed trains. And in Nineteen thirty-three they kidnapped Hamm Brewing Dynasty Ceylon William am a ham junior and successfully ransomed him for one hundred thousand dollars worth about two million dollars today the next year they kidnapped banker. Edward George Bremmer junior for twice the ransom. The kidnappings captivated baited the nation making the barker carpets gang celebrities and FBI targets at one point. The gangsters tried to disguise themselves with plastic surgery when the surgeon botched it they killed him Freddy Barker and Alan Carpets where the obvious leaders of their eponymous gang but the FBI thought Ma might be the real criminal mastermind in December nineteen thirty four. They finally caught doc barker curve rating his apartment. Among the evidence they collected was a map to the house. His mom and brother were hiding out in in short order the FBI went to Florida. Florida surrounded the house and shot the Barker's to death according to their official reports the F. B. I. confiscated eight guns inside the lake warehouse and thousands of dollars in cash worth millions today. Fred and MAS bodies were sent to the local funeral home word of their deaths spread fast sensationalized in the newspapers Ma Barker brains of gang reported accorded killed with Fred Barker son in furious fray according to the local funeral director Herald Martin. There was extreme public interest interest in seeing the outlaws corpses proof that even heroes could die ma. Barker's body was on display at the funeral home for eight months months and fifteen days the original central Florida tourist attraction whether she deserved this Gauche treatment or not is is up for debate. Ma Barker spent her whole life surrounded by outlaws watching them raising them supporting them. So was it so shocking king. She die like them. was she destined to become a criminal from birth and was she even a criminal after all. There's no evidence of Bob Barker planning or committing any of the barker carpet gang's crimes but there is evidence of J.. Edgar Hoover Uber abusing his power to create smear campaigns and using disinformation to improve the image of the FBI. Hoover spread had the story that the gangsters mother was a criminal mastermind. Hoover sent the agents into capture an elderly woman dead or alive. Hoover declared Ma Barker public enemy number one. All the historical record can confirm. Is that Ma Barker loved her son's perhaps her circumstances weren't the criminal activity surrounding her but the stories told about her by the FBI by the newspapers. Newspapers and by the public eager for the next outlaw to look up to in a hard hard time. Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. If you're interested in learning more about the crimes of the barker carpet this gay and Ma Barker's life and psychology check out our episodes of female criminals on Ma Barker today in true crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other podcast originals. Free on spotify. Not only spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but but now spotify is making it easy for you. Enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like today and true crime for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream stream today in true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at podcast. Grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to. We do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at park asked and twitter at par cast network. We back with a brand new episode. Owed tomorrow in true crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and his podcast studios original it is executive executive produced by Max Cutler sound design by Andy Weights with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Collie Madden Isabella. Way and Joel Stein. This episode of today and true crime was written by Maggie Admire. I'm Vanessa Richardson..

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