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Bowman, who did I just say Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick as your championship for very unlikely group, but then you go to Phoenix and then it's it's game game on you know, but Harvick Joey Logano wage and and it's going to be the low downforce package there which is going to be good to it's going to be entertaining. Let's see what else we got. Matt dibenedetto with the Wood Brothers. He's coming back to the 21, sure that's cool. So happy that that was there when they announced that that was their biggest liked tweet of all time. It was it I don't know there's a part of me that feels so bad though, cuz he knows that month that this possibility he's going to have to have another ride after you know, a lot of it has to do with is what happens at Penske. Yeah. Well because Austin cindric got signed obviously and he's he's going to be fifteen and twenty Twenty-One the the to the 21 Kar well internet the 2022 sorry 2022 and the 21 car. And but that could change because you still Brad Keselowski only signed a one-year deal. So, who knows what's going to happen after that? We don't. We absolutely don't so I mean, I want to see him. I want to see Matt get that hundredth win the Wood Brothers. He's a cool. Would that be in Martinsville? Wouldn't it low mileage? And that would just picked that would be absolutely perfect idea if he could if he could roll off to three wins next year. It'd be fantastic. He has a better shot at home pain with Penske somewhere or at least Landing a quality ride, cuz he's a good dude. He works so hard all social media he works and he he's a hell of a driver hell of a drive or hell of a person great person. I've got to talk to him in person a few times just a great dude and hopefully he he land somewhere mean the influx of Team. You've got the the the Jordan Hamlet Team Stream you had Justin marks coming in with his new team and potentially even more more new blood coming in with the new car that might open up some dog. Just for him to fit in somewhere really quality ride. I really expect Chris Rice to take colic racing. Took up at some point. Did you see their announcement yesterday? I did not it's a teaser. They're going to announce today is going to have nutrients. I'm I have a feeling of full-time ride for for AJ next year. That's what it looked like what's going to happen? So yes see because what's the guy's name that he is the spotter for Clint Bowyer? Oh Bret Griffin. Yeah breaker friend. He he said I got a an announcement. Yeah, you know I supposed to do this. Have you blocked em? Yeah, but I think from what I understand Brett Griffin is the one that brought nutrient really I didn't know that's what I took it. Yeah, cuz he's he's always had the relationship with Elliott Sadler. They sponsored Elliot when Elliot was running his last two races of the year of his career. I should say what else what else happened in Kansas Quinn Huff are Quinn, how how how did I do that job? Wenhao finished 33rd stayed out of trouble Xfinity Series race Brandon Brown my my namesake finished 13th after getting into that crazy. In fact that he was in the middle of alfredo with Anthony Alfredo not his fault not his fault. He was in the middle of it. Just a matter of kind of he was on the bottom and kind of pushed up. Yes. He did. That's it. Don't take much off and just real quick. Yeah, Matt Mills finished 25th out of trouble trucks column Garrett with 24th in the truck series. I think we covered Mall not I'll do better research next time off come winter time. We're going to have we're going to have some different segments. Yeah, come come wintertime cuz you know, we're not going to be racing. Yeah, like we just talked about we have to do more work in the wintertime figure. We got a great show for you. In fact, let's get back to the phone lines. Yep. All right, and let's talk to gray. Let's do it and as promised we're going to go to the phone lines. We're going to talk to our first guest bath. Of the show. This is a good one. I've been wanting him on for quite some time. I've been conversing back and forth with his dad Dwayne and finally got it got it wrapped up and and and it's a it's a good time to talk to him too. Because one week prior. He pulled a double at the roval. So so this going to be a fun interview em yet another great young Talent from the state of Virginia. He's from Colonial Heights, Virginia. He is gray gaulding. Hey, hey doing great doing good, man. Hey, thanks. Thanks for having me on I am really freaking first of all, it's it's nice to talk to you. I haven't talked to you in forever. Yeah, it's been a while. Yeah, definitely has them but yeah, when I heard about the interview, I was like heck yeah man Lo sport sporting guys and it'll be a good good time. We we like to make sure that we definitely do. Well the one thing that we that grades and I know that you know this but our goal here on the race Virginia podcast is to promote the driver's the tracks of all forms of racing here in a state of Virginia. And of course, we are blessed to have a plethora that's a big word for me a plethora of great young drivers like yourself off that thank you. Thank you from the state of Virginia, you know at first at first blush if you if you look at it. Got most folks wouldn't even know because a lot of our Virginia guys live out in Carolina now, so right so, you know, sometimes you don't know but man song are coming across, you know your story and I'm and just is unbelievable. I mean the amount of success that you have had and success at such an early age. Okay talk a little bit about you're racing and how you got to where you are right now. Yeah, no, I yeah, it's pretty it's pretty crazy story, you know, you know looking back on it now, you know seeing where I started and and kind of where I wanted to go and I thought I wanted to be and you know, I mean to put it pretty easy, you know, I grew up like like you guys said Colonial Heights, Virginia is my home town where all my family lives. I had a great great time growing up their birth the motorcycles, you know did a little bit of you know bandolera racing but I was you know, I was driving back to Carolina every weekend race. And when I finally, you know got in the car racing but you know, the thing is I'm just like any kid growing up or or anybody out there that is trying to say something Chase the Dream especially in professional sports, you know, whether it's baseball basketball racing, you know, you name but the odds of you know, a kid being able to actually live it out. I mean, it's almost slim-to-none, you know what I mean, especially coming, you know from a small town like calling the Heights and racing is you know dead. Big in Virginia, but you know the the ne Brown I had to go my family did we just had to make the move and say Hey, you know, this is the way he's on do we rotate the screen so deadly blessed and fortunate that, you know, my career was able to take off at such an early age and get my name out there and just get rides and and getting getting the top love the sport of them. I was nineteen years old. So it's been it's been a great ride so far, but like I said without my family and.

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