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He has three as an announcer to the player. I believe and then claes so so. He says he has more than tom brady. Is pretty larry's right there. This thing is massive. Is this the first time i mean. I realize this has particular value to you because you are a lakers fan. But like is this. The first time you've ever been in the presence of a championship bring that you could hold yourself. I mean why. I would love to say that. I didn't know somebody else who's done something somewhere where they got a ring. That's what i'm asking now. No okay. I the person i know is in my family okay. It's not somebody. I knew anything. Kaplan i was gonna ask you the same question though because you've been around a lot more dudes they. How many times have you gotten a handle or probably fo- wear one of these rings around the house or something. So i used to have this ongoing bit at the super bowl every year and my then partner at the time a guy who played ten years in the nfl names. Billy ray smith. He had a great career was a first round draft choice of the one thousand nine hundred three draft. The quarterback drafted eighty three. He was the fifth overall. Pick so we used to have this. We do every year clinton at the super bowl where anybody who would come sit down with us who had a super bowl ring. I would ask that person if i could see the ring and hold the ring and once that person took it off and gave it to me then billy. Ray's job was to distract him by talking about something completely different and then we would see if the person would leave without getting the ring. This is putin bid for lack of a better term. He pulled this robert kraft. Dude i will tell you that. At one time there was a super bowl. One year i probably had three super bowl rings army at one time because guys literally got distracted walked away then came flying back to you my ring. You must super bowl ring. yes i do. As a matter of fact here it is. That's funny but yeah. I mean i gotta say this. This lakers championship ring. I was trying to figure out law on the side of it. Yes it has michael's dame it does and then what does it say underneath that. I believe on that side. If i can pull it up leave a legacy o. That's what it says. Yeah this is pretty cool ring to the number of players. Ganic inset part. Yeah is this one of those deals where we know the amount of number like there's some wild numerology with all the like the diamonds or whatever when the nats one they had like it was like there was some stupid thing where like the numbers added up to some nonsense meaning and whatever whatever or like. Sometimes it'll be like oh we had x. amount of wins over the past. Yada got us so we had this many diamonds. Is there anything like that that. We're supposed to be aware of your little easter egg. If you will. I believe i believe it did. I'm not one hundred percent. But i think it did. I would have to definitely do some research on that. But i think it did have Like the purple was some kind of number in. There was a reason. Why so i have to have to do some research but there is yes ring. There's all the players got like. Do the broadcasters have the exact ring macron has now so this one doesn't open the players ring does open on the top. Because that's the first thing i wanted to do was like a crack. It open but it does not opens. What are you gonna keep up with. Stash you it really. What are you put in there now. So the the original one opened. And i forgot what was in it but it actually opened and this one's a little smaller so the players rings actually bigger according to michael thompson. So greg i'll tell you a quick story last thanksgiving. I was home one of my cousins. Well he's he's my cousin's husband. Whatever he's family he's the head trainer for the washington capitals and so they won the stanley cup. A couple of years back and you know he got a ring like you know he's he. I mean you know not saying it's any more worthy than broadcasters ring but like you know he worked on the team he definitively had a ring he gets introduced before the everything and i come back with my sister and like all their kids are back. And everybody's having a good time and he goes see the ring and i was like. Oh yeah so. He goes upstairs right. And i'm like oh it's in the safe single of course in the so he goes to save. Brings it down. And we're looking at it and i'm kinda touching it and put it on his kids come out there like teenage they go dad. You don't even show us the ring what are you doing. They were is because they were throwing it to me and he. You know he's hilarious. So that's why. I ask because like the stories around the rings are always typically very funny no matter what sport or what the what the championship i think. Okay so i might be one hundred percent wrong but i think the the purple it seventeen of the purple for the seventeen championships officials. That's what i was thinking about. Yeah anybody under no. Because i remember when the rings were first designed and distributed and there were a lot of articles about the jeweler and beverly hills. Who would design these rings. Anybody know what these things like individually what they're worth. I say worth what they cost now. What they're worth. I don't know the answer to that. I know that the replicas because of these days a big part of the industry is people getting replicas. Which by the way is mega tacky. I'm sorry if i see you out at the bar and you're talking about. You got replica. Ring from twenty twenty. Let's it means something deeply emotional to you. Please don't try to use that as a stunt. I know a lot of people who do that. And i don't know a lot of people. I've seen a lot of people do that to me. But those are those are in the five figures i think. Just the replica. One scott so. I'm guessing they're getting pretty far up there for each guy when it comes to the real ones and all these diamonds in you know you talk about guys. Who rock replica rings. So i have a buddy of mine. I say buddies and queens and he many years ago before the golden state warriors became who they were or who they became. He invested some money in the ownership group. He had an opportunity invested. Okay so as an investor when the warriors wound up winning an nba title. Believe it or not as an investor. He got a.

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