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To me that it came out that area and there's more people you know well it'll pan out you know he announced me right now any make any and every every outfit and either brenda brenda you're right absolutely doesn't make sense and i'm not discounting the fact that possibly at some point maybe there was some collusion with someone else a second shooter perhaps but i think the fact that i never heard any of the videos both guns at the same time right you know what i mean like it was always a gap almost like oh he's going to the other window now and then i went and there is a gap of audio and then he goes i don't know but we're going to learn a lot it's hard to say i mean it's clot what you're saying is blah's 'able though it absolutely is and maybe they will find something i appreciate the call brenda usually isis usually when isis claims credit for something it turns out that they weren't responsible so i don't know if that's going to pan out in this case we'll see a ray and louisiana you're on the blaze high apec day and be firmness megan observational why last night they we keep police showed a couple quipped semi elite pick agrarian eight it was show no banana quit would the guarded laying on the floor nearly does banana quipped oh sixty rounds of ammunition and you know i are by 1000 an outlet around well any trout birtwell proud birtwell fi if twelve very replied hick a round at seven hundred twenty round i'm here to make an observation hired by all will go very nkubito gun control dan now in handicapped vein i would make an what do you think i you know i don't know if they could have exaggerated the number of rounds let's pilot possible appreciate the call rate i and these things are always sketchy at the beginning and i i made the observation the other day that every single time there's a mass shooting.

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