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Okay so you're were introduce a new duro last she tiebreak that's proven tough from the tracks to the st because what you need to go when you need to go fast sometimes you need to step stop even faster get in the zone auto zone i got a couple poll questions up for you if you are on twitter you can die didn't vote on these we started off the show asking the question who has more at stake tonight roy williams going for his third national title which would past dean smith or mark few going for his first early results in the couple thousand of you voting marks few an games are got fifty eight percent of you saying that he has more to game and tonight's game then roy williams the other question i asked i'm curious if you guys have have seen this and i didn't know i mean i have no idea who is actually a fan of the stuff wrestlemania everyone of our bumper music see are coming in this today is wrestlemania jason barton are per producer is down at wrestlemania he was there last night in orlando seventy five thousand other people in the citrus bowl massive unbelievable of that i said so first wrestlemania i've watched since nineteen eighties my boys right now i did my six year old have gotten into a wrestling and so they were ecstatic to watch last night and i was curious did you watch wrestlemania last night early votes not a lot of support here now i will say wrestlemania went all in so wait last night i don't think it it it to laughter midnight so there probably are still a lot of people who watched wrestlemania sleeping and also i would venture to say that a lot of people who are wrestlemania fans it's going to maybe get will but the shot across the bow to wrestlemania wrestlemania fans they may not be up going to work today let's just leave it at that i'm not sure or that your average wrestling fan has what we would call a traditional job what did you watch.

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