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No cells time for all of us to sad you know oh i'm so sorry i'm not there to see you but as you can see i am trump to the box in in a box of these said festive wait other hint at least a festive holiday themed boxes true i think that's a tree to tree or plant on the sri it'll carry and behind it i have a tech angle a life is zia light strip of has a holiday scene and that's the one it's on right now so rule it's ridiculous and and has plenty of playing havoc with your cameras lighting cohen change is lovely knives you just gotta you could just got to say you know what i planned planned it no you plan for matteo doni as flow mentioned you're here in the studio you sit next to me is flow couldn't come in and you're like well okay fine than all fly in game two held more almost ad i will join you on the set today i did this so things for thanks for thanks teaching the seats flew it's good to have year bad it's great to have you in town we've got uh a lot of hardware usually when you are in town we have lots of hardware to talk about but not only did you bring a catalogue of hardware devices i have a little something to show off flow you have something to show off ron you have the talk about you have stuff to talk it out.

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