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The pandemic. There's been a lot of talk of herd immunity herd immunity community. Public health officials said that achieving herd immunity herd immunity is what's going to save the country from an endemic and then it would mark the end of the crisis. You get an overwhelming majority of the people vaccinated, we can reasonably quickly get to the herd immunity that would be a blanket of protection for the country. Today as infections fall and the country begins to fully reopen my colleague of poor but Mondavi Lee on why experts now believe Achieving herd immunity may not ever happen. It's Friday, May 7th Pervert described this reporting that you have been doing over the past few weeks. I have been thinking about where we are with getting to the end of the pandemic by if we've been talking about getting too hard immunity as this percentage of population that we have to get to this milestone beyond which the virus is gonna have a lot of trouble spreading. So it was always described to us as the way out of the pandemic as this place where we can finally show the virus the exit door and can get on with our lives, and I wanted to talk to some scientists to see how close they thought we are to this hard immunity threshold for the virus basically has run out of people to infect. Which is extremely pertinent question. Are we nearing the point at which, if somebody sneezes near you and has Cove in 19, that sneeze is just gonna bounce off immune people, right people who are immune because they've been vaccinated or they've had an infection, And basically the virus can't find a host. Yes, exactly. You hear me? Can you? How are you? Hi a proven. So I called up a bunch of scientists across a range of disciplines. And I asked him that question. So let me buy the thing, You know. Do you think that we will get the herd? Immunity? How.

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