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Development of personality in wrestling. Well i mean. I really didn't You know gear myself off other guys. I didn't bounce off anybody else and go the opposite direction. I kind of like had if few favorite wrestlers and there were certain things pick up on the day with do but they wouldn't drive the point home you know and there were certain else was. It was say certain things but they wouldn't make it mean anything. And i just tried to take all these good things that i could see in these characters that were positive wrestlers like different guys like would say certain catchphrases are different. Guys would walk a certain way the ring but they wouldn't deliver it you know or they would one hundred ten percent so you know if i've turned side was flex mark instead. I can pull the bumper off a cadillac jack. I would say it. Just draw bullet on camera. So that you would remember that for the rest of your life and i kinda stole a little bit from a bunch of wrestlers and mixed it with my own personality. And that's how. I came up with the hulk hogan character. Some of the other guys. You know they kinda go with the natural flow. Some like chief jay strongbow. He was a native american indian. Just kind of went with what he was not work. We only have about a minute before we have to break here. But i remember conversation that the last time we talked and i asked you off the air. It took you to get out of bed. You said sometimes it took you twenty minutes. And i'm just wondering about the physicality of the sport. How as you developed over the years how you handle that aspect of it got a knee replacement hip replacement and i guess. Both of my hands have been numb now for probably about twelve years. Was that old school mentality. you know i. I kept work wrestling way. Beyond the a lotta time. I should have wrestled and you know the new guys now. Their little finger goes down. They take six or seven months off and neck surgery. But i mean now getting out of bed. it's It's an effort at discovered a brainy anti-inflammatory called arthotec that basically is heads and tails above viaducts. But it does take a while to get out of bed. Because i probably wrestled too many years in too long. Was it worth all of. I've always talked to athletes and not one is ever told me it wasn't well looking back now. It was such a great career and such a long ride on top. I mean i saw you know. I can't even think i saw all you know. Madonna rise and fall a couple of times. Michael jackson had his eyes and was as far as being a main event guy. But i became a main event guide. I stayed on top for twenty years. And when i look around at my family and the security they have I don't look at the negatives that's just the cost of doing business. 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Hundreds of home projects clear pricing and the easiest way to book and pay in seconds. This is angie your home for everything home. Download the app today. This is america's sports talk. Show sports byline. Usa here's ron bar. Cogan inducted into the wrestling hall of fame is joining us here. On sports byline hawk the techniques that developed how has that changed over the years. The wrestling moves. You had your own leg drop as kind of a signature wrestling move. How did that develop in. What about the moves over the years how they developed in wrestling. Well i mean you know if you basically hit somebody over the head with a steel chair. When i was wrestling the rest of the referee would either ring the bell or the rest of that you hit with a steel chair would be knocked out Carried on a stretcher to the dresser. Now you know they'll pay the guy that had with a steel chair and by the time the guy throws the chair. The guy that was hit will be standing up before the turn around so the whole mentality of the business has changed a lot. I mean the wrestling holds. The guys are still using a lot of the wrestling holds. But everything has speeded up because television moves so fast there more choices in the universe as far as entertainment a few that you and i may have or a few that andre the giant i could have. I have an argument with andrea on monday. We probably wouldn't russell till six months later. But nowadays if you haven't andre a argument with andre the giant on monday you'll russell monday afternoon i mean and so they have to move the business along quicker because like i said there's some choice between reality. Tv cable and satellite and stuff. So you know that's changed and also that has changed the art form instead of telling the story painting the picture in creating emotions. I think some of these guys have basically Are compare it you know. They're they just repeat what they see and they don't they almost wrestle like robots. Sometimes they don't really russell like the rock or stone. Cold steve austin or some of these guys that still have a grasp on with this business is all about. Do you believe that. Today's wrestler is overproduced. Then that that really. They're a part of the production a wrestling rather than being the technical. The solid wrestlers. That you and others that You.

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