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Quickly to the line of scrooge sayerville in the gun once again and here's a throw to the right side it's carter carter's got to the inside of the seventeen yard line and sergei of about three more and will bring up a third and about well we'll call it a long three for sayerville there's a lot of space in front of the car i carter right there and if he'd added slipped on the term what a ran into the end zone tough right there for carter but interesting received sayerville china going to vote go east and west you know on this disguised away defense which typically doesn't work out too well minute gone by second quarter no score handoff up the middle this time it's zuriel lights junior down to the fifteen yard line before being hit by a host of chiefs and it will be a force down and shoe sayerville not the field goal kicking sipe it seemed i'm going to go forward here and fourth ensued a handoff it goes right up the middle and that cereal right getting the first down i dunno my i dunno i well nearsighted official i don't think gave them a good spot but i think there's the official is in the middle of the field i think he's going to have it scatter defense doesn't think they got up but of of course they don't because the defense never thinks they got i think they did well okay toughangle from here we're at b fifty yard line and they're down inside the fifth gene so the bombers hit stops well i had a feeling this would be a close game i had no idea whether it be a high scoring gabriel low scoring game right now in use but as low scoring as you can get that about is less than some sort of new scoring system weather's negative negative points for not coming back in time at halftime that mining i would be you'd you'd love them versed in san for piscataway from their own fifteen yardline moving left derided at cern over on downs in the scandal a jumped off it looked like there are flags on the play indeed they did false stark and they'll move.

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