Bill Clinton, John Conyers, Matt Lauer discussed on The Larry Kudlow Show


The taxpayer dollars to sh to hush up the women that he harassed okay so bill clinton had a doctor corroborate the attack i'll franken's got photographic proof john conyers paid his victims they all still walking around free they got jobs matt lauer oh you read that it did that account in what was it very fair near times is like sour grapes to me i don't know he's still walking around it doesn't have a job in anymore but he's still walking around you gotta you couple bird dole who got released in exchange for five terrorists and he betrayed his country you got all these people that are doing all this stuff i'm glad we got mike flynn for flight and he's going to go away but i'm glad i'm glad that i'm glad we got him because there's no like there's anybody else out there this doing anything i don't know it's just it's just the strangest thing the crook after kirk after crook breaking public trust using tact the dollar amount seventeen million dollars in a slush fund in congress to hush up sex harassment charges by the way don't be surprised if in the next few weeks bunch of women suddenly remember being alone with this congressman of that congressmen and suddenly you're talking to a lawyer and say hey we were on an elevator once and guess what happened whereas journalists manner all they're going to have to be able to say is that hey we were in that elevator and that that guy was there and he touched me this oh well we got a fun for that here's seventeen thousand dollars for you boom and if the frivolous things that are being done in that arena that are actually minimising the importance of the real stories and that's that's what sad that's what sad matt lauer deserves to be imprisoned probably not just off the air but when you've got john conyers and al franken pulling their stupidity it makes his story not look as bad anymore and that's a shame because the women of america deserve much much better anyway.

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