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Welcome back to remax real estate insights I'm your host genet Schneider recent data suggest that fifty three percent of all home sellers today our first time sellers this means there's a lot of folks out there who bent through the process of buying a home but haven't yet experienced the process of selling a home in selling a home is a different process with different responsibilities in action item to get what most sellers want a home that sold in the shortest amount of time at the best possible price and while the market has certainly favored sellers for the past several years this doesn't mean selling your home quickly or successfully is a given you still need to put in some effort to yield the best results in joining me to talk about first time sellers and how they should prepare their home is Machon them off ski she is an associate with remax suburban in sterling heights welcome to the show Michelle thank you for having me genet all my pleasure I really like the topic of first time sellers because I feel and maybe it's just my perception is that there's a lot of tips for first time buyers there's a lot of checklists and tips and advice for first time buyers I don't think there's as much for first time sellers I think it's great we're talking about this and I guess that's their right at the beginning if there's some potential sellers out there maybe they're not quite ready to pick up the phone and talk to you but what what do you want first time sellers to start to do to prepare their home first and foremost the biggest thing that I would suggest is to de clutter your home start thinking about things that you really don't need in your home and that you can put a way to make it more appealing to potential buyers okay so now let's say the time has come so they've done a little bit of that they're looking around there start to do some straightening in in some de cluttering up it's time that they call you there's an okay now we're serious you know we we we kind of you know done what we can do without an agent now we need to talk to somebody kind of what's your procedure for working with somebody once you get that phone call with me it all starts with the initial phone conversation collecting information about the home finding out the sellers motivation to move where they're going to be headed and then from there we schedule appointments to make to meet and that's when my homework begins okay so I think it interesting point in I guess so what your input you know on this a little bit is it seems like a lot of folks that are willing to share a lot of themselves online you know social media post on here I. meeting this I'm vacationing there they're willing to share a lot of information but when it comes time to talk to the professionals like doctors or realtors all of a sudden we try to keep everybody at arm's length a little bit a little more guarded but communication is really critical between a real estate agent and their client isn't it I mean you really need them to be honest about what they're trying to accomplish it certainly is especially when it comes to their largest investment yeah absolutely which I think a lot of people often kind of forget that's what a home really it really is in in there it's sold more emotional sit down then like maybe money in a four oh one K. staying right already well you mentioned that the after the initial call with the client is really where your homework began so take us you know kind of what are you doing what date are you looking at in what are you doing behind the scenes at that point I use data collected to search for homes on the market that have recently sold are active or recently under contract I'm comparing apple to apple of the homes features and this helps me appropriately price the home for the market from here I complete my market analysis and meet with the sellers to actually view the home go through it and talk further about where their house places in the market what they can expect to sell it for and what we might need to do to get it ready together okay so kind of first episode they reached out you they've called you know your son is okay now that I have the address understand you know where you're moving and maybe some things like that I'm going to get paid to do my research as an agent and then I'm going to show up we're gonna meet face to face to face so you come out you're armed with some data on you're gonna discuss among other things pricing do you find that most first time sellers are appreciative of all the research that you've done in the data that you kind of bring with you that you lay out during the course of the station or nowadays because we've been in the market for a number of years now where it's a seller's market in the you have to be living under a rock to not have heard this phrase do sellers think Paul I can just put access to your hockey price on my house and there's gonna be a buyer willing to pay or do they really listen to your advice my experience has been with first time sellers is that we discussed the data that I provide to them and my advice is a trusted professional and many times they do end up going with what I recommend because I have the data to back it up it's not just a matter of looking at various sites online and telling them what they think their home is worth I'm actually out there telling them realistically based on proven data what they can expect to get for their home in this market and many times they do go with my recommendation and me as a raging as well too well I mean that's part of what they're getting is it because I'm you know nowadays in there's good and bad and that's there's a lot of information that's available online but what they really want is what's truly happening in the market not speculation not you know yeah then it's what's what's trending what's happening so you talk price in let's let's exit something that they've agreed on a price they're ready to let us they're ready to really take the next step they have chosen you as the agent what do you do next to get the home ready to go on the market it's a great question I prepare my sellers realistically for what they can expect to happen next and I get my recommendations as to what they can do to get the home ready for market going to room by room for many sellers it's mine or minor removal of family photos for others it's necessary home repairs the way I look at it was sellers is that your home is your biggest asset and you want to maximize the most amount of money you can get for it this goes hand in hand with how it shows so whether you're first time seller someone who hasn't sold a home in twenty years or even though that just sold a few years back and need to sell again the theory is always the same with me number one I'm the agent here to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear rather that relates to price or condition and number to your home is your biggest asset I wanna do everything you can to get the most amount of money out of it what I want to highlight something that you just said you that as an agent there to tell them what they need to hear not necessarily what they want to see here in in in my world I think the phrase I've I've often uses the way we live in the home and the way we show home are two different things and from first time seller perspective all homeowners tend to have pride in their home and your now here they have aged coming and saying well but you need to make some changes you know whatever that may be cosmetic painting you know cleaning whatever cluttering whatever it may be but you're saying is from us from a for especially first time sellers who haven't been through this you're not coming in to pick on their decoration struck dials in in choices per se but you're really approaching it from the home is the in an investment and is it hard for someone to take the emotion out you know when you're given the feedback on what you need to do the city needs to do that and really have a view the home as a financial investment that hard for a lot of folks yes it is I mean this is their home after all but now it's gonna be someone else's home and this is what they really need to prepare for that they're not going to be living in this home for the rest of their lives and their certain things we need to do to get ready for the next something that's going to come in and make it their home yeah it is it like I said I I think we don't want folks taking it too personally when there is some recommendations that are being made because we're doing it for the for the right reasons if you want to say that so I think being a first time seller can be a bit bitter sweet I think there's a lot of first memories that come with the typically the first home is the first holiday function you host the first home improvement project maybe the first child of so what can sellers do to prepare it kind of put all of those first kind of in the back burner well I tell my clients to think about what you would want to see when you walk in someone's home so when I'm meeting with clients and we're talking about putting the home on the market now that this is no longer going to be their home after we sell it where they need to do to get ready when they need to do to prepare for potential buyers Cummings is home and looking at it as their home so I always tell my clients you don't wanna be side tracked by everything that the home has an eight so which means of removing some of the clutter so in essence de cluttering anything that doesn't need to be out take down the family photos clean the counters off remove all the extra plants and religious artifacts in essence turn your home into a builder's model you want to highlight all the house offer so when people walk in and they see all those features and things that you loved about it when you bought the home now we want to be able to show it to them so that they get just excited about it as you did when you were buying it so it's kind of that old adage of less is more you know I mean it's like your take away don't let him get sucked into how cute the baby is or look they have an autograph Jersey from from sports player take those things out of the mix so that the home itself is the star of the last star at the shell they're not there to buy those artifacts they're there to buy the house we want to show up yes that's really what I'm paying attention to what we're talking with Michelle the mafia associate with remax suburban in sterling heights when we come back we're going to continue the conversation about first time the sellers excuse me and discuss the importance of the proper work being done before the homes on the market along with some other details in leader we take up the condo verses ranch debate is not having all the maintenance and upkeep worth the fees that you're gonna pay your before you downsize what do you actually need to keep in mind we know that buying or selling a home can be a little stressful especially if you're a first time buyer seller after all you don't do this every day but remax agents still in fact remax agents have done this millions of times and they have the experience to help you go from for sale to sold divine properties or agent near you gotta remax real.

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