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So you wanted biting. The win is what you're saying you wanted biting the win. Is that? What is that? What you say? Wait for sleepy Joe police and buying Well, you know. So you fight you voted for Biden. Thomas. Why? Because my step point beliefs and socks and my wife is a big fat sleeping pin. All right, we're gonna go ahead and let's I think that might have been Baba Booey from the Howard Stern Show. Baba Booey Baba Booey. Okay, let's get right back to business. That was some good entertainment, and we need that once in a while when you left. All right, so let's jump over to Christopher Christopher Europe Next. Welcome to the show. Hey, Steve, How are you tonight? I'm good. Thank you. Where I have a couple questions and I'm a couple of points. I want to make sure you say that Pence isn't about Christian and that principled man. Well, that's what they say. Okay, well, what I'm saying. I'm saying, Let me make sure you understand. I'm saying exactly what representative Babe in, said. Brian Baby, the Texas You know what? I love your show because you could talk to you like a regular person. Okay. Thank you for saying that. Is that making an honorable man? No, of course not. I know a lot of Christians that'll rip you off and tell you they're doing it for the Lord. Thank you. I'll call another night about something to do with that. So when pass gets to do whatever he possibly can do. He knows absolutely what's going on if he doesn't do something. You saved this country from We'll get to that in a second. If he doesn't do something, he's not a principled man. He's not an honorable man. He's just He's just a human being that is serving himself. As I will say Ted Cruz is just posturing for the next election. With.

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