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Vladimir Putin, ABC. Rachel Scott in Geneva, Switzerland. Leaders are going to come face to face and two separate meetings. One is going to be a smaller meeting. We're told that there will be about four people in the room that includes obviously President Biden. Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as two senior advisers on both sides were told that the secretary of state, for instance, will be in that meeting. Then they're expected to break come back for a larger working meeting that's going to include more officials were senior officials on both sides of the aisle here and afterward, Mister Biden will hold a solo news conference. The president tweeting his condolences today to the families of the more than 600,000 Americans who have now died from Covid 19 governor, Andrew Cuomo, with a message to Unvaccinated New Yorkers who honor essential workers. I'll tell you how you on our essential workers you get vaccinated so you don't need the essential workers again. State in California, lifting the last of their coronavirus restrictions today, a federal judge in Louisiana blocking the Binet administration suspension of new oil and gas leases on federal land and water. Could the January attack on the capital have been prevented despite FBI warnings, there could be violence on Capitol Hill, FBI Director Christopher Wray told the House Oversight Committee. Law enforcement fell short getting the warning to everyone. I agree that we need to do better and have it move faster, and I've asked my staff to look for ways to expedite the process. Still, Capitol police and other authorities knew the potential for violence and we're still unprepared. Andy FIELD. ABC NEWS Washington, The Illinois EPA is asking the state's attorney general to cite a chemical Companies seen an explosion this week to determine what might have been released into the air or into a nearby river. Stocks closed lower today. The Dow down more than 94 points and NASDAQ off 101, You're listening to ABC Newt with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts. Banking with capital One is like the easiest decision in the history of decisions.

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