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Com This is Bloomberg markets All right coming up we're talking markets or talking global economics Alfonso paciello author of the macro compass and then we're talking WTI crude oil I just don't get it It just keeps moving higher but Fernando valley he gets it He's a senior oil animals for Bloomberg intelligence He's been doing this for decades But first let's go to Charlie pellet He's been doing it for decades Bloomberg business flash I thank you very much Paul sweetie Here's what's going on Let us begin with crude big story today West Texas intermediate crude up 1.8% one 1714 a barrel right now up two O 9 on WTI barrel of Brent one 25 O 8 Brent crude up by 2.8% stocks lower across the board with the Dow the S&P nez stank all in the red after last week's rally S&P begins the week with a 37 point loss down now by 9 tenths of 1% the Dow down 272 down 8 tenths and NASDAQ is down 101 drop there of 8 tenths of 1% Ten year yield 2.86% spot gold down $13 to 1841 a drop right now of 7 tenths of 1% Record inflation is accelerating in Europe That is intensifying the debate over just how quickly central banks will raise rates in response Eurozone consumer prices jumped 8.1% from a year earlier in May exceeding the 7.8% median estimate in a Bloomberg survey American consumer confidence dropped in May to the lowest since February underscoring the impact of decades high inflation on Americans economic views the conference board's index decreased a one O 6.4 from an upwardly revised one O 8.6 reading in April Lin Franco is director of economic indicators at the conference board She was our guest right here on Bloomberg markets When you look at shorter.

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