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The other. I it's funny you know. Talk to natasha. Henstridge is like my best friend. And she she she. She likes some of their stuff that have done in short films. She says in my best. My best My best work and and you know we just did a what is it. Did you see green light. Absolutely a movie was fifty grand. Wow it's like one of my favorite things i've ever done is a fifty thousand dollar manny. It's unbelievable how that works. Because i feel like all the great movies whether we're talking good will hunting or like movies that are made for cheap somewhat cheap but like fifty. Grand sets a new precedent. I feel like for that movie. I can't get over that. I made like a proof of concept short for western. That i wrote it costs fifty grand. You know Desks ridiculous angela's fifty grand. This is nothing when it comes to make. It's like making it for free. I mean it's it's unbelievable off. His i mean i like i like the some of the stuff i did on bosch definitely and and and i didn't get much to do on westworld but i liked that wonderful. Yeah from dusk till dawn. I had i had a couple cool episodes in ray donovan season. Three premiere ray documentum. Pretty proud of we love ray donovan. Absolutely yeah yeah. You've done some some some amazing things in one of the things. I've been dying. Gaffey was about three ten to yuma I feel like it's like the last great western came out in two thousand seven. I feel like it's the last great western warranty for a long time. That father son story where you know Russell crowe sees that you know. Oh my god this is. I don't know the way. His character evolved that movie. I don't know what are your thoughts on. I just feel like it's one of the greatest movies to come out. Certainly in the last fifteen to twenty years it has such heart of the the the way characters evolve. I dunno chris. Your thoughts on my my best. Memories are watching a movie with my father. I absolutely love it. I mean if you think about you think about like Okay let's say like like tombstone unforgiven three ten to yuma. That's that's like a twenty five year span you know. That's that's like the best Three like high end. Quality like imperfect westerns in twenty five years. So i i agree with you. I don't think there's been there certainly hasn't been made since three ten to yuma that's stack that quality but it was again. It was all it was..

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