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Niche i think those that are in the middle will have a hard time i agree we should leave appointments were orange grants triggers would sir um and some of an old harm rock reference david thank you for your tom thank you for having me peter do to you guys for listening we like doing this we like the u y listening all we ask of you tell someone else that you look within the suit the can listen as well you know how to do that so i won't tell you how to post on facebook tweet just tell some on the street thanks to our sponsors and thanks to cadence thirteen box media bring those sponsors to the show so you can listen to recode media for free to my producers eric johnson gold arthur this is recode media i will see he next week hey this is peter kafka of the host of recode media you have been listening to this podcast which means that you like listening to people talk about median technology which is very good news because we've got an entire conference all about just bat topic its code media it's coming up very soon you should go february twelve and thirteen th in huntington beach california is a very very nice place to be in february specifically some say a hotel and spa there huntington beach and about the place i wanna type of what we're gonna do there we're gonna talk to the smartest most interesting people in media and technology we his carras wishart i we're gonna talk to people like both the ceo tim armstrong you've heard on this podcast before patriarch ceo jack kante you've heard of on this podcast before and huffpost editor in chief lydia paul great you've heard her on this podcast before there's the theme there other awesome guests you may not have her before susan which 'sky she's the sea of you to carry trainer he's the ceo of soundcloud on on the gi spoken.

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