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No I'm telling you we actually got me. Two turtle doves. I saw. They were ferry ferry dead. Well we'll just ask him to stop at least before it gets to the Lords a leaping right stun gun CHAC elephant tranquilizer and check. Hey Hey you I wear you guys as Here in up destroy what we created Noah destroy what we created. We turn around and leave right now. Guys we could just go. I vote that. That's that's what does that mean. Okay so you remember when I broke into the crisper planes and tried to combine see missile and my DNA into version of myself. That new self. Love your way you guys about those. You are at the sword camp. It's called the known own World Academy a rapier. Thank you very much buner who you heard owner anyway stirring up the group and I think to myself okay while Matt Eh wanted. I put a little bit of Tom's confidence in there. And then I get a little bit of Noah's work ethic and then I'm worried right so I put in heat sway with women. Nick accidentally made the subject of today's episode John McCain. You're just like getting around and tell us about this right now. I didn't know other people people knew I thought it was a fun. Little secret like diamonds not being worth anything. We're Obama Smoking. I'm fixing it now. I'm fixing it now. So wait you're just GONNA try to capture and destroy crazy millionaire. John McAfee yes. Okay I'm in Dibs on the uh-huh Damn and yes I will be using this basket. Hilt mortuaries orch sooner. Well I will anyway sort. I didn't get the machine No no you can hold the SCABBARD. Heath here's the SCABBARD. That's a sword right. It's like Sword Pants.

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