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So we got Leah and Brian You. Guys have asked a question yet. So who wants to go I? Got a question aired. You do your. I don't know really. Anything but I was just recently I've been stocking up all these old drum machines I. Guess specifically are anybody really if you guys have experimented much with. I mean a lot of them are Simmons, but even like the big drought manufacturers back from the daily Pearl and channel the these. Boxes that. I guess you could plug pads into these days. It's probably just at a different way but if you guys are experimental those at all on Damase or Pete is much better. I have a not like an issue issue just patients issue. With through ramming drums because. I kinda. I duNNO I. It's so much easier for me to just go through the process of playing it. That can get all the little nuances and textures details mall swishes washes in with my playing and it just I was trying to Learn native instruments compare that well non doodling around with garage ban the like a retired. Yeah Yeah. It's. It's something you think that maybe. HAVE HEARD BY ARMY When news it a sound that you're, you're fan of a stereo lab records or something where you've got the live drums electronics mixed together. Yeah. And I've I've done tons of. God I used to play pretty much only with fans had a lot of backing tracks like. Raven Nets when I'm soaring with them and? More like Barry like. Sort of Eight electro music playing for awhile live. That is really hard to play live to that or live Joensuu that Jesus. and. And Dead Combos. While which which have you ever heard dead Combo Nah Remember you telling me about them. We're in Berlin or someone one of the dudes from the ban came in Berlin had remember checking now is pretty cool. Yeah. Sort of the like a mixture of suicide in. The stooges but you gotta be. Because if you search dead Combo sometimes you get that Brazilian band it's not the Portuguese fan. Yeah? Yeah. They used to just have like they're backing tracks, which is mainly just the like a kick drum going on like as notes is succeed notes. Like the last thing while. They recorded I think they asked me if I wanted to play drums, does play live drums on top of that. Actually, Kinda really love doing that I just don't enjoy the process of program.

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